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    I Watch a lot of animes so hehehehehe
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  1. Well i don't know much about MUGEN Mobile alternatives... :c Well that happened me the same which i can't update the Collections until i get a NEW LAPTOP and yeah most of my creations and such important stuff is gone sadly :c
  2. Looks good to watch this asian letter!
  3. Actually somehow MA banned my IP for no reason in a unknown date in 2020, maybe the actual staff are just likewhat the actual generation that they don't want lmao. i keep in my mind of this: What's even the point of MA blocking innocent users for stupid reasons? Actual Staff is very sensitive shit They Ban Other IPs of countries that they want lol. It only makes me to prove that MA doesn't want people they don't like or blocking countries, it somehow MA will be sooner in a living empty place of just sensitive crystal generation staff, getting CHEAPIES that japanese/korean creators doesn't want to release (only by exchangeables) yet someone publishes it in MA, even MA themselfes Edited without permission a sprite of my W.I.P Light God making it black instead of Light Cyan palletes and Making it HARDER to get MA Exclusive chars into Media Fire, MEGA, 4Share or Any other site that isn't is dangerious OBVIOUSLY. MA is just like North Korea Blocking everything that they don't want just like a Dictatorship leaded by Dizzy and his/her Goverment of Ignorance but i'm still asking why? Yet people from Cheapie Creators of M.U.G.E.N or Normal creators also are just Banned or IPed without context or without giving any argument filled of such interrogations than reasons. Maybe i will remember that guy who said this in 4 years ago: Mugen Archive is MotherF***er
  4. I think you're new into this, have you ever seen Fighter Factory to create or modify any char?
  5. I'm trying to restore some of my archives that i had on my old PC (Projects, Links and some of my creations) so i'll be sooner Updating the OTW and Stickmen Collections in order.

  6. Matiu


    I'm restoring my Old PC since it's broken due of a RAM Failure so i'll be sooner adding those characters too.
  7. Matiu


    Thread Updated 😛
  8. Welcome aboard to MFFA, have a nice week and hope you stay there. edit: i noted it so fixed.
  9. Matiu


    Thank You for restoring those links, appreciated!
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