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  1. - A New Better Version of Arnold Shortman(TAS007's version doesn't count) - A Decent GIR(SIR Unit,it's robot)(Smashfan's version is crappy!) - Bloom from Winx Club - A Decent Version of Toon Link - Dunkaroos(Cartoon Mascot Character) - Saki Kurokoma(Uses Immaterial and Missing Power Custom Sprites) - A Better Version of Helga Pataki - A Decent Version of AiAi(AxKing's Version doesn't count) - Better & Decent Version of Aang - A Decent Version of Sandy Cheek in superbrawl 2 style(uses custom sprites)
  2. someone find slk's newer version of gir,he has sound from [email protected] by SP0ON's version,instead of kfm swap
  3. dil pickles is playable from team nicktoons in mugen
  4. i'm looking for: IkutronHD's Tenshi - this link was lost: https://erosgiovanni92.wixsite.com/ikutronhdsites/personajes Warioman's Kermit - he made kermit since 2010,i think about ask Science Project 99 on youtube,she said she doesn't play mugen year ago and the link was lost Pandra Egg - it is original character made by muratui,and i think it was lost: https://web.archive.org/web/20080725071550/http://www4.uploader.jp:80/home/kyouaku3/ ⑨'s Neco-Arc - they are really cat and it was lost: https://web.archive.org/web/20090721155831if_/http://page.freett.com/mugen9/download.htm
  5. i want nermal would be better version and not joke paletteswap
  6. My Mugen Character Wishlist:

    - AiAi(Decent & Better Version)(Least Better Than AxKing's Version)

    - Ickis(Decent Version)

    - Bloom from Winx Club

    - Tommy Pickles(Decent Version)(Least Better Than Alerkina4's Crappy Version)

    - Croc(Decent Version)(Least Better Than Alerkina4's Crappy Version)

    - Twinkie Man

    - Sven Hoek(Decent & Better Version)(Least Better Than Two Version; Kyle108 & Alerkina4)

    - Sheep(Decent Version)(Least Better Than Unknown Creator's Crappy Sheep)

    - Burger King(Decent Version)

    - Toon Link(Decent Version)

    - Saki Kurokoma(Touhou Project)(RicePigeon Syle)

    - Helena Paparizou(Greek Singer)

    - Helga Pataki(Better Version)

    - Arnold Shortman(Decent/New Version)

    - Dunkaroos(Cartoon Mascot Character)

  7. Alerkina4 Punchbag is Now Released

    Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1njb494IOC-fEmyBDCOA3Y4PheUqDmGCV/view?usp=sharing

    he made crappy characters are spriteswap of other characters with badly drawn sprites!

    1. PlasmoidThunder


      So you made an effortless punching bag in response? Yeah, that'll show 'em.

  8. i want lost characters IF's Priecia - i found her on mugen wiki and the link was lost: https://www.4shared.com/file/yHjCfeLY/Priecia.html Kisaragiryuto's Senna Kyoudou - i found her on mugen wiki and the link was lost: http://page.freett.com/dasutovaisu/index.html Taruse's Onpu Segawa - I found her on mugen wiki and the link was lost: http://randomselect.smeenet.org/taruse/onpu.rar Kenshin Himura's Atomic Betty - seen in this video:
  9. MadOldCrow Has Retired From Create Mugen Content and Cancelled Nick Vs CN Full Game since 2018 He Deleted His Youtube Mugen Channel
  10. - A Better and Decent Version of Helga Pataki(Marcioleo123 Made Crappy Helga! T_T,People Has Cancelled Better Version of Her 😢) - A Better and Decent Version of Ickis - A Better and Decent Version of Tommy Pickles(Least Better Than Alerkina's Tommy) - A Better and Decent Version of Sheep(Unknown Creator Made Crappy Sheep,Mugentoons has Cancelled Sheep Because Mugentoons has Leave Mugen since 2010) - A Better and Decent Version of Oggy(Least Better Than Unknown Creator's Oggy(warioman's tom spriteswap) and Alerkina's Oggy) - Chip Skylark - Reggie Rocket - Cosmo From FOP(with good custom sprites) - Wanda From FOP(with good custom sprites) - Harold from Hey Arnold! - Stoop Kid from Hey Arnold! - Bloom from Winx Club - Reptar from Rugrats - A Better and Decent Version of Arnold(Toonalexsora007's Arnold is okay,there can be New Version/Decent)
  11. - A Better and Decent Version of Tommy Pickles - Gnar from Legends Of Legends - A Better and Decent Version of Goodra from Pokemon - Altaria From Pokemon - Xayah From Legends Of Legends: Star Guardian - A Better and Decent Version of Ickis - A Better and Decent Version of Ty The Tasmanian Tiger
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