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  1. I saw that nobody made Gunner for mugen so I decided to take it upon my own hands to make him myself. Also you guys don't have to worry about no progress being done unlike some other project I tried to make, and yes I will try and stick with the source material with a little additions of my own to this character.
  2. Hey guys. After awhile being on mugen and seeing other mugen creator's characters, I got inspired to make a new character. Who is it you may ask, well it's going to be JieJie from the infamous game Dong Dong Never Die. Now since I'm just getting started on him, you guys won't expect an update anytime soon. But when he is done, I hope he is a decent first character.
  3. Actually did you know that one character from newgrounds rumble was released on mugen?Here is the link:http://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=8790
  4. I'm glad hear your opinion on the games and I know that these games aren't everyone's cup of tea as I would say.
  5. Guys I saw this video of a person needing help on getting her puppy funded that way her puppy wouldn't be sick.And I know people who saw scaretheater's video are going to think it's fake and for that I say this is only for the people who do think it's real.So anyway I feel really bad to see a puppy being sick so I was wondering if any of you people could help fund for this or spread the word about it.And remember this is completely optional.I'm not going to force anyone to fund it but I'm just putting that out there.Here is the gofundme page:https://www.gofundme.com/4t89vej
  6. I'm Glad you enjoyed the video.
  7. This video needs way more attention then it has. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSkPZZTOUPI I'm not going to say anything cause I want people to watch it.After you're done watching please give me your opinions on this video.Actually forget what I said about not saying anything I'm actually going to tell you that it really has nothing mugen which is why it's here
  8. Apparently some people are enjoying the topics I post.The main topic that is seen and visited is the topic that asks which character would you like to be converted into mugen.Anyway I'm surprised that this topic got any attention at all since I didn't expect it be seen by anybody.And I would also like to say that all of you people who gave me your responses for that topic they were good choices and I'm glad to hear your responses.Also thank you to all the people who gave me a nice welcome to the MFFA forum.
  9. Hey I signed up too not too long ago.Anyway welcome to the forum and I hope you have a great time as a member just like me and many others.
  10. Even though the game wasn't officially released I would want to have Thrill Kill, Blood warrior,and Def Jam Fight For NY to have a HD remake.
  11. I joined the Mugen Free For All forum not too long ago.So I would like to introduce my self to you all as France Swa, and I look forward to chatting with you all, and creating new topics for people to respond to.
  12. I would like to hear what everyone's requests for characters to be converted into mugen.Personally for me I would like to have more live action characters from games like Streets of fury ex,more characters from Dong dong never die,and more characters from Knuckle fighter to be converted into mugen.
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