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  1. NEW VERSION IS FINALLY OUT! http://www.mediafire.com/download/0v78p734f8us63i/KirbyMassAttack_(V6).zip Changed helper system to prevent spamming, added hyper portraits, and more. (MUGEN Database is gonna need to update its link)
  2. Updating List: Better version of Captain Olimar. Better version of Pit. R.O.B. Better version of Jigglypuff. Better version of Ganondorf. Zelda and Sheik. A really good version of adult Link. Ice Climbers. (Like in Smash Bros., where Nana follows the player.) Better version of King Dedede. Epic versions of King Harkinian and Morshu. A really good version of Samus (that isn't cheap). (Though I have a beta version of a hi-res, non-cheap Samus.) Marth, Roy, and Ike (Fire Emblem). Better version of Falco. Diddy Kong. Victini, Genesect, and Arceus (Pokemon).
  3. Some more that would be cool to see: Tag-Team Mode: Switch out between teammates. Shared Health Mode: Teams share the same health. Could be interesting. A character organizer: It's hard to organize your characters when you have so many... Separate power bars in team mode: Each fighter has their own power bar. A pause menu... Tournament Mode: Like in Smash Bros., except in MUGEN.
  4. I play on Survival most of the time. Never really play Arcade mode.
  5. Nobody responded to my information regarding the Lugia characters... There are two of them. I know one's by S.Nara. There's doesn't seem to be any information whatsoever about the Lugia character in the picture, though. http://i.imgur.com/ow8pR.png
  6. Found evidence of more Pokemon characters by the same guy who made Poochyena and Scizor. There's a Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Banette. Apparently, there's also Marowak, Larvitar, Wartortle, Ivysaur, and Gardevoir. Can't find them, because the site is probably expired or something.
  7. If this comes out before the next Smash Bros., this new "Mewthree" could appear as a character in the next Smash Bros. If it's a new forme for Mewtwo, it would probably by Mewtwo's Final Smash or something.
  8. There are Lugia charcters. I can't find the links for them, but I can at least confirm their existance. I think these are two separate characters. I know one of them (the one in the video) is by S.Nara, so expect that one to be UBER-CHEAP! The other one (the one in the picture) has a different stance, so it might be a separate character. http://i.imgur.com/ow8pR.png There is also a beta Black Kyurem character by Mario11766.
  9. Klang's (Not Klinklang's) link is unavailable, as I've said. I can't remember where I got the other Combusken. It depends on the one you have posted. I have one by Dshiznetz and one by Seth Lee.
  10. What characters are hard for you to beat? Don't include excessively cheap characters. Anything by Kong. Thor, Wonder Woman, and Sandman Lyndis (AI-Patched) Ness and Bowser (K. Y-Shanxi) Symbiote Onslaught Abyss Super Mario and Super Luigi Kirby (Super Nicholas) Super Buu (Stig87) Vegeta and Perfect Cell, and Frieza by CHOUJIN Captain Falcon (Kamikaze) Dragon Claw Umbreon and Magnemite Torchic Ryugen The Kung Fu Man (OGGY) Akuma (GM) Porky Minch Voltorb Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders Hauzer, Red Dragon, and Synn Anything by muteki
  11. Thanks! I tried out Jeff and I was able to beat some of Kong's characters with him.
  12. There are some characters from Earthbound I would like for MUGEN, but I can't get them. They are Ness, Paula, and Poo by Drowin. (I have Jeff) Problems: Ness's link is eSnips and other links are unavailable I can't find Paula's link Poo's link is 2Shared, which forces you to download a downloader Can anyone post alternate links for these characters?
  13. What do you hope Elecbyte puts in the next version of MUGEN? I hope for: Online Multiplayer (Doesn't everyone hope for this?) Multiple songs for stages Better control input for multiplayer (For some reason, it doesn't enter commands as well in multiplayer) Quicker loading times for larger rosters Human vs CPU mode instead of having to use debug in watch mode A way to restore all health/all power without restoring the cpu's (Like spacebar, but without restoring cpu's health) Better system for using F5 in survival (Restarting a match with the amount of health you started with instead
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