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  1. Finally.........a Sera, from that "forbidden/prohibited" doujin..............
  2. Zenryoku updated by tanukida_taichi on 2017-12-11 Zenryoku updated by tanukida_taichi on 2017-12-11 : * MUGEN update log (Google Translate from Japanese to English) by tanukida_taichi: "【update】 17/12/11 · Performance changed dramatically with motion change of weak squat. Continuous hit cancel canceled. The occurrence is delayed by 2F, the power, the rigidity difference, the correction value are the same as the weakness. · Since we have created a special intro of Fair of Kettle 2, I've added a description for that and a voice. 17/12/09 · I reduced t
  3. Oh I see.......thank you for your MUGEN explanation! By the way, this Qdora should belong to "E's Laf" source game...
  4. To make a MUGEN character's attack unblockable/unguardable, there are a number of MUGEN ways: Some normal MUGEN ways: - use the MUGEN State Controller type = HitDef with guardflag = , in your MUGEN character's attack state(s) - use the MUGEN State Controller type = AssertSpecial with flag = unguardable, in your MUGEN character's attack state(s) Some abnormal MUGEN ways: - make use of a weird MUGEN engine bug => add a red hurt box to the very 1st first frame of your MUGEN character's attack animation Action like this: ; Stand Light Punch of Kung Fu Man [
  5. Qdora STROM "nxektpiouos" released by Gondwana on 2017-12-09 Qdora STROM "nxektpiouos" released by Gondwana on 2017-12-09 : * a very overpowered winged demon girl! please change the "-2.cns" MUGEN CNS file from var(57) = 1 to var(57) = 0 for human player control! Download from here please: https://ux.getuploader.com/gndwn/download/19
  6. I have no idea........but to me she should be a totally original character.....
  7. Yes, MUGEN can let you customize just everything about it! Call it "Extreme MUGEN'ing"! Can't wait to seeing some of your MUGEN goods in the near future!
  8. Thank you for your MUGEN support, and my "Custom AC Ninja Spirit Boss 1" was updated on 2017-11-25 according to Staubhold's MUGEN feedback.
  9. Congratulations to your 2017 MUGEN release! Hope to see more of your MUGEN releases in the coming 2018! I like the "Flame Catch" special grab move very much! A small MUGEN feedback here: - some MUGEN Required get-hit Sprites are missing (i.e. Group 5010 Index 10) - the block/guard damage seems to be too great for the single "c" button normal hard attack (Statedef 400) - some hyper moves are totally unblockable/unguardable (type = AssertSpecial flag = Unguardable all the way); for grab moves alright but for fireballs/projectiles moves... P.S. Tsuna X does not work in W
  10. - open the "Guilmon.cmd" MUGEN commands file - find these lines of MUGEN code: [Command] name = "hold_s" command = /s time = 1 ;-| Hold Dir |-------------------------------------------------------------- [Command] name = "holdfwd" ;Required (do not remove) command = /$F time = 1 - try to add the missing MUGEN command, "start", back to the MUGEN commands file above: [Command] name = "hold_s" command = /s time = 1 [Command] name = "start" command = s time = 1 ;-| Hold Dir |-------------------------------------------------------------- [Command] name = "holdfwd" ;Required (do not
  11. [Recommend MUGEN Fun!] PSP No Heroes Allowed slime released by WASTEBIN on 2017-12-03 - edited by me [Recommend MUGEN Fun!] PSP No Heroes Allowed slime released by WASTEBIN on 2017-12-03 - edited by me : This mugenized slime is from No Heroes Allowed in PSP: In MUGEN you have to kill 1000 slimes, which take their sweet time reproducing and growing up to be some flowers. The flowers can emit seeds to attack you. You have to figure out how to kill them all faster than they can reproduce. Basically a very cheap but interesting MUGEN (
  12. White Ranger your FAWN is very interestingly innovative while informative! This cool new MFFA forum feature is so wonderful man!
  13. She is currently my MUGEN WIP that was supposed to be finished and released in this 2017 Halloween...........but due to my super busy real-life she is getting soooooo much delay...................I hope I am able to finish and release her within this 2017-12..........oh also that MUGEN stage is from Splatterhouse 1 boss#1 (both character & stage are being mugenized), which was also my delayed 2017 Halloween MUGEN goal.....................well I will try to post my new MUGEN WIPs topic later soon.....
  14. Anybody remember rojin70 who once mugenized a very cool Taskmaster in 2014-2016? These days rojin70 seems to be cooking some new MUGEN food like this: rojin70's twitter is here: https://twitter.com/deathrojin70/
  15. - Moku's MUGEN characters (i.e. MLP stuff & Chloe) - Teaf's MUGEN characters (i.e. Shartel & Ferir) - cafe's MUGEN characters (i.e. Hattori Hanzo Uruka)
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