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  1. Hello! I would like to know if there's anyone who could help me remove invincibility from this MUGEN character: Ancient Gold Cube by FantasyBladeHeaven which seems to be an edit of Mirror Cube Square by YANMAR/ヤンマ? I tried looking for similar threads over web.. This char doesn't seem to have NoHitBy anywhere in code or very strong regen in itself however, or I am just blind and can't see it. It does have hitboxes I think. But maybe not. If someone could help me out I would be more than happy.
  2. Hello! I would like to ask if someone could try helping me convert certain 1.1 to 1.0 character, which is Devil (1st Phase) from game titled Cuphead by Dark Ruler. When I tried adding this 1.1 char to my 1.0 roster and tries using it I got error about something according .sff (sprites) file. I tried doing something on my own, and reading some topics on other MUGEN forum-type sites about converting 1.1 chars to 1.0 and it seems it could be both horribly hard or truly easy. In my case I tried opening .sff file in Fighter Factory 3, and simply saving it as 1.0 compatible, ignoring errors FF3 threw out. Surprisingly it made character work without any errors during fight, but sprites are a bit messed up. So I assume this is possible thing to do to make this char fully work in 1.0 and it might be just partially hard/complicated. Would be glad for any help :)
  3. Oh. Thanks for opinion then. I am glad you consider it useful for less experienced people
  4. Wait. You did? Oh that's cool. It's my MUGEN Character/Roster Checker right? Just making sure
  5. I found it earlier and tried removing if you remember that post of mine when I quoted error message. Anyway I managed to get this to work by removing this and setting power in Quilava.cns to -1. Thanks for help anyway! Oh on the other hand.. . Would you like to see my MUGEN utility program I have created? It's hosted on MUGEN Archive, so I am not sure if it would be allowed for me to post link to it here..
  6. That's good to know. Just can you please tell me or quote me some code how do I display lifebars for this char and.. Do something about this thing you said about? EDIT: Ah wait.. Never mind! Do you mean that I just need to make Power stat -1 or just anything above 0 in Quilava.cns file?
  7. Ah.. I understand.. Well that's okay then, sorry for my behavior.. Could you please take a look what causes MUGEN to crash when trying to display lifebars?
  8. Welp.. Never mind then. .. I just can't seem to figure out how to remove what you mentioned without breaking character..
  9. Well.. Okay I didn't know the AI functions just as in that game.. Also I was thinking.. About what more I would want from the AI.. Simply if it could use it's attacks a bit more often or in a bit better way so it would have a chance against other normal characters EDIT: Never mind, managed to find the code line myself. Just uh.. Removing it causes some weird error. Error message: AssertSpecial flag parameter missing Error parsing [State 15000, AssertSpecial] Error in [StateDef 15000] Error in chars/Quilava/common.cns Error loading chars/Quilava/Quilava.def Error loading p1 Which parts of code and from which files should I actually remove if you could tell me?
  10. I know about that but I would love to have this char as normal char who has A.I and normal screenpack's lifebars.. There is literally no other Quilava character out there.. Would that be possible to achieve in any way? If not AI then at least lifebars only
  11. First of all few informations that I consider important: I got no MUGEN character/stage creation skill so I hope you understand why I am asking for help with certain char. My English may be bad as it's not my primary/every day use language. I hope I didn't make topic in wrong forums category and I also hope it's not against any rules. Anyway - As in the topic/thread name I would like to ask if there is a chance for someone to add any, even very simple/poor AI to this char or at least make screenpack's MUGEN lifebars visible when fighting it. The char I am talking about is quilava FIXED by alexei from MUGEN Archive. I hope there are people willing to help. Below I will add link for YouTube video showing the char in Pokemon Mugen Edition. I will not add MUGEN Archive link for char download as the site is on your blacklist. Char in Pokemon Mugen Edition
  12. Hi! I'm back to that forum, after really long time and I again need help with codes of characters that I have downloaded. This time, it seems to be "mugenversion of character is older than this version of M.U.G.E.N." and some normal errors. Is it there any possible way to fix that errors and also convert the characters to my M.U.G.E.N version? I'm using "M.U.G.E.N (IMT Blue)" and version of my M.U.G.E.N is 1.00. Downloads of the characters to check the codes are below: Acalanatha - <Mod edit: Blacklisted url removed> Marcianito - <Mod edit: Blacklisted url removed> Acalanatha | ERROR MESSAGE -------------------------------------------------- Error message: Invalid format specifier in "%n %n" Error parsing [State -2, DisplayToClipboard] Error in [Statedef -2] Error in Acala-2-3.cns Character mugenversion is older than this version of M.U.G.E.N. Error loading chars/Acalanatha/Acalanatha.def Error loading p1 Marcianito | ERROR MESSAGE ------------------------------------------------- Error message: State type "NotHitBy" not valid Error in [Statedef ë:I am the bone of my sword and steel is my body. [email protected]] Error in Marcianito.100%Real Character mugenversion is older than this version of M.U.G.E.N. Error loading chars/100Real/100Real.def Error loading p1 I would be grateful for any help in this matter. If anyone can help or solve problems with their downloaded characters, I would like to ask this kind of person for help. That person could be really helpful. And. I would like to explain too why I want that characters to be converted. I know some people (but only from some topics on other forums) that could help me but I doesn't contacted them. Anyway, I know the conversion of the characters is possible, but can take really long time. *If that's possible answer to that question, only when all files and coding of that two characters has been checked and/or the problems has been solved.
  13. I apologize if the topic was founded in the wrong place, but I did not know where in this forum I can address this type of question. As in the subject. I am looking for lifebars that suit my expectations. Thank you very much if someone wants to help me in my search. I mentioned the expectations for lifebars below: * Good design * I'm searching for any lifebars that uses numbers to represent HP * Lifebars should be adapted to the resolution of my game window (640x480) * Lifebars should work on the MUGEN version 1.1 That's all I need. *Google translator used
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