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  1. doge from r/dogelore is basically fishbed
  2. time to purge heresy with chars such as ONI-MIKO,Dark Donald,and other cheaps
  3. oh wow,the guy who created one of my fav terraria mods plays mugen


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    2. AverageOrochiEnjoyer


      ye,SGA is a REALLY high quality mod,also i love how you did a jab at EA with the Cratroisty and Cratrogeddon bosses. One suggestion for the mod:Make Helion less epiliptic or add a epilipsy warning,because that boss may hurt ppl's eyes (only the core phase tho)

    3. IDGCaptainRussia


      Good point! I will consider doing something about that!


      And thank you so much ! ❤️

    4. AverageOrochiEnjoyer
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