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  1. While the others had left, Sasuke stayed around. He had the feeling the guards might want to know some information about what had happened. Elsewhere, Raina and Flandre reconvened in one of the many city streets. While both were interested in returning to the Warrior's Hangout, they were taking a more scenic route. "So Raina, did anything fun happen?" Flandre asked. "Not really. Someone's bag got stolen but Sasuke got it back no problem," Raina replied. "That sounds fun!" "Eh, Sasuke did all the work, I just
  2. Imagine turning on AEW Dark and you see Sean Altly fighting against Brian Cage.

  3. "If the clone pops, the original will receive its memories," Sasuke's clone said. He followed the others back to where everyone was waiting.
  4. Sasuke's shadow clone arose out of the ground, bag in hand. He quickly handed the bag to the original Sasuke before disappearing in a puff of smoke. "The crook had some accomplices," Sasuke said as he took in the memories from the shadow clone.
  5. Sasuke's clone wondered what was with these guys. They all seemed like normal people, except for the fact they were out to get him for whatever reason. Since they were coming from all directions, it'd be difficult to dodge any side... except downward. He thanked Kakashi for his next trick, as with a single handsign, he disappeared into the ground. The Earth-style Hiding Like a Mole technique had once been used by Kakashi against him. 'Dealing with them wouldn't be hard, but that man from before still needs his bag, so I better get going.' "H
  6. Sasuke's clone sighed, he turned toward the bag and, making sure no one else would take it, picked up the bag. Now all he had to do was return the bag to its owner.
  7. 'Allowed to utilize force, huh?' Sasuke's clone considered the dumpster, those things looked to be fairly heavy. Sasuke leapt further forward, landing a few feet in front of the crook.
  8. Sasuke's clone pursued the crook, wanting to get to the bottom of this. "What's in that bag that's so important?" the clone asked. "He'll be fine, I'd be more worried about the crook." "Lightflare, do you think someone else should go after him too?"
  9. 'That sounded like trouble...' Raina thought to herself as she followed Lilith outside, hearing the commotion that had occurred. Sasuke heard the commotion that had occurred. He summoned a shadow clone to follow the crook while he walked over to the noble and asked him if he was alright.
  10. "Maybe I'll find something I like here," Raina said, following Light and Lilith into the store. Sasuke opted to wait outside, heeding Lilith's advice that there probably wouldn't be anything interesting in the store.
  11. "I feel like I should, like my brain is telling me I know her, but I don't remember anything." "No, I've got nothing."
  12. "Now that you mention, I-" Raina's thoughts stopped, a memory that came unannounced. She had met Sasuke before, that's what her memory said, right? So why was it only now that she remembered? "The two of you will be working together for this mission," ▅▅▅▅▅ stated. Raina looked to her left and saw Sasuke - except his attire was different and he looked much younger. Raina's attempts to focus on the one talking to her and Sasuke resulted in a fruitless headache as ▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅. "Are you sure this is necessary?" Sasuke asked, his attitude more flippant than he wa
  13. Raina and Sasuke followed Lilith as she headed towards the castle. "Say, Lilith, what is it that takes you towards the castle?"
  14. "I'll stay here!" "I'll come along with you guys," Raina responded. "I'll accompany you as well," Sasuke added.
  15. "This is all so cool!" Flandre yelled - the medieval aesthetic of Candor's old town was much different from the Scarlet Devil Mansion or the Human Village that she'd seen that one time, to say nothing of the modern architecture of the city. The people with animal ears weren't so interesting - she'd seen plenty of that in Gensokyo. Reisen and Mamizou had both come to the Scarlet Devil Mansion for one reason or another, but Penny thought they were cool! Raina on the other hand hadn't quite so easily forgotten about what happened earlier. The sights of Candor were a nice sight, yes, b
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