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    Touhou Undertale, ssb, Mugen, pokemon, sonic, mario, Under night In-birth, Melty blood,etc

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  1. Ricepigeon in Undercards!!!tumblr_oh6icuoYoh1tr3wmeo1_1280.png

    1. RicePigeon


      I thought that name looked familiar

  2. Whooooh! Happy September 18, Chile! Viva la Independencia!

  3. palettes of shiki narayan aka Sayonarayan aka my last selfinserttumblr_obenz9weyE1tr3wmeo1_1280.png

  4. My favorite´s Mugen Characters
    1-all characters from touhou by Ricepigeon (omg, i really like this creator)
    2-shiki nanaya, shiki tohno,shiki satsujinki by Idk (multiple creators)
    3-Pepito by Quetzalcoatl and Daniel Gajardo by herself (idk who is better)
    4-Matias Ariel Zurita by herself
    5-Papyrus  by Endercreeper
    7-pokemons conversions by Dylanius and GarchompMatt and FelixMario2011 or Zobbes

    8-Milotic by idk
    9-Undyne the undying by Endercreeper
    tell me your favorites characters if you want ;3


  5. Shiki narayan for mugen coming soontumblr_oa9we6aFzY1tr3wmeo1_540.png

    1. jenngra505


      I recommend taking a break from Mugen to play some Street Fighter or King of Fighters. They're the innovators of the genre of games that Mugen is meant to feel like and I think you can learn a lot from them.

  6. there is a problem

    I do not have permission to access the chat room

    Error code: 2H269/5

    1. YochiIsC00lest333


      I have the same thing.

  7. Anyone please forgive me

  8. favorite Under Night In-Birth theme? mine is Linne´s Theme


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