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  1. Happy Birthday Phantom Blood though I know you rarely visit just thought I would say it.

  2. collection will be remade and updated in the future thank you.
  3. resized all the ginormous images using forums resizer.
  4. that project was my own and as far as rance goes I stopped. All of his stuff is ripped but nobody ever made anything from it. I may have a collab with someone coming for him down the line though. If there was a character for him I would have him here lol.
  5. Nah that doesn't count doesn't matter where the sprites are from if the character is not from the collection series.
  6. You truly are crazy but we appreciate you nonetheless! THX
  7. Collection rules have been updated please go read!


  8. Images Made by Katsup Click the author names below the images to download! Red text means a character is offline. Note: This collection does not support cheap and / or poorly made edits. CHARACTER SELECT - THE POWERPUFF GIRLS Blossom OmegaPsycho / TBM & CS (MVC) / DoomGuy: - Old - New - Lucky's edit / Daigoro: Original - mrgamer123's edit (PPG2016) Bubbles 007 / TBM & CS [MVC]: Original - mrgamer123's edit (PPG2016) / DoomGuy: Old - New / Daigoro Buttercup Ssonic / Ssonic + KenshinHimura / TBM & CS [MVC]: Original - mrgamer123's edit (PPG2016) / DoomGuy: Old - New - mrgamer123's edit Brick AireDaleDogz Boomer Red Buttercup Butch Red Buttercup Jomo Momo Szemi CHARACTER SELECT - POWERPUFF GIRLS Z Blossom KenshinHimura / DuckSS: Old - New Bubbles KenshinHimura / CreamyGoodness / DuckSS Buttercup PGreedRGB / DuckSS Bell DuckSS STAGE SELECT Powerpuff Girls' House by Brandon Ninja || Powerpuff Girls' Room by Brandon Ninja || PPGD - Mandy's Home by GaryCXJk ADD-ONS SELECT English Voicepack for 007's Bubbles by Barrysun FULL GAME SELECT Powerpuff Girls D Tech Demo / Powerpuff Girls D Paradox by DuckSS
  9. Character Images by Katsup Click the author names below the images to download! Characters are organized by Series. Marth: Sumin2393 / Easlfre / Gramsen / NWDMShadowclaw / 2nd: Unknown Author / Pingurules / 3rd: Omegabros / 4th: Planeptune Arte || Tiki: UJI Roy: RMVGames: 1st: Original - Duracelleur's edit [KOFA] / 2nd: Blazer / Tako / 3rd: Camren Springer || Cecilia: Aomura (Blazing Blade only called "Fire Emblem" for the west) Lyndis: Ambasa / Duracelleur [KOFA]/ Uchiha Cody || Hector: Keriku || Jaffar: Keriku || Dorcas: MarcoScalora || Erk: Keriku || Harken: Keriku || Karel: Keriku || Leagault: Haseo & Liger: Normal - "Weaker" - "Death" || Matthew: 1st: Keriku / 2nd: Akimoto [F. E. Pride] Sain: Keriku || Raven: Axel || Will: Danieme Joshua: Vulcan64 || Amelia: Keriku Black Knight: Mephes || Ike: 1st: Sumin2393 / Easlfre / 2nd: YochiThMaster333 Robin: Orbots || Lucina: 1st: Bagilu / 2nd: Gamesstationpro || Chrom: 1st: Golumitu / Jamesx15 [MVC] / 2nd: RMVGames Tharja: 1st: Planeptune Arte 2nd: TheTrueAnalysis / 3rd: Inu Hanyo Tharja / Omega Tharja / Shogun Tharja / Tharja Yoshikage / Thrilling Tharja / Perfect Tharja || Noire: The True Analysis Corrin: Orbots GENERIC UNIT Falco Knight: Unknown Author || General: JerryDrizt MISSING CHARACTERS Avatar Tharja (and possibly more Tharja variations) by TheTrueAnalysis Matthew by Darkstorm980 Marth by Alerkina4 the original unedited marth by Sumin if you have any chars listed or any completely missing from the collection let me know and I will update thanks. STAGES Fire Emblem Heroes Stages by Ryon SSBB Castle Siege & SSB Arena Ferox by RTGleason SSB4 Arena Ferox by Kamui_Kanjai EXTRAS English voice patch for Bagilu's Lucina by [email protected]
  10. Laharl

    E's Laf

    CHARACTER SELECT Alcott and Caligula by Kamekaze || Main and Serena by Hyperhiroro || Qdora: Gondwana STAGE SELECT Coliseum by Yoda-Sensei || Serena's Stage by Aokmaniac13 || The 7 Pillars of Salvation & Clash of the 12 Weapons by XTRM ADD-ONS SELECT AI Patch for Hyperhiroro's Serena by Shao
  11. Orochi rance has the same sprites as sengoku rance and I think Akuji does something the others are fine as far as I have seen Botan does a silly "obsession over Boys Love" attack thing but its not explicit.
  12. Images made by Katsup Click on the author name to download. Red: Offline Kuon Sumeragi: 匿名スマブラー Kureha Yamisaka: YU-TOHARU Eve: Flowrallia [AH3] / Buyi ("Evelyn"/Edited) Yui Emelia Mitsukihara: Flowrallia [AH3] Judge: Flowrallia [AH3] Pekomaru: Nadagetsu Dies Irae: BoyBoyz / Flowrallia [GG] STAGE SELECT All stages by ExShadow if you have any missing or know of anyone not here link me and I will update thank you.
  13. added Kuma by MoloMowChow
  14. your rocky gif isn't working just a heads up
  15. googoo also made a rocky lol. http://googoo64.blog.shinobi.jp/その他/my mugen characters
  16. Laharl


    original thread by ryou edited and updated by me. Click on the author names to download. CHARACTER SELECT - JUS STYLED Gintoki Sakata: Antonly / Cyamon / MYTHOS / Mikel8888: Original - TrafalgarLawzz's edit / Moss / PackManMUGEN / Serious Cat / Tetsuo9999 || Hijikata Toshirou: Mikel8888: Original - el_usuario_sonico's edit || Kagura: Mikel8888 / TrafalgarLawzz || Yagyuu Kyuubei: Mikel8888 || Shinsuke Takasugi: Mikel8888 CHARACTER SELECT - ORIGINAL / EDITS Gintoki Sakata: qychina || Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet ArmStrong Canon: Janeco if you have any of the missing characters or anyone missing from this collection please do let me know and I will update thanks.
  17. Original thread by Ryou redone and updated by me. CHARACTER SELECT Alucard: 1st: Akimoto: Original - DopeFiend's update - Jawsmon's edit: Original - VladTurunen's edit: Original - Arethousleepy's edit / Slayer Rikudo & Gouketsu Wannabe / 2nd: Cafe: Original - JapterDark's edit - VladTurunen's edit 3rd: Jawsmon: Recent - Barbatos' edit - Mr. Giang's edit || Alucard's Girl Form (Lolicard): Kouzyoutyou2621 Alexander Anderson: 1st: DopeFiend [Alpha] / 2nd: Mapo: Original JP - Belac's edit - JapterDark's edit - MugenBr's edit || Crazy Anderson: Loko if you have any of the offline characters listed or any characters missing please let me know and I will update. Thank you.
  18. I have hidden the Kamen Rider collection until it is finished and redone which should be soon. People kept bumping it up and spamming it with questions so its gone for now please stop.

  19. very very nice 2 more collections down
  20. Laharl


    thank you for remaking this collection it is appreciated.
  21. this collection is in the list of ones to be redone have no fear it will be updated once we get to it.
  22. thx for this deleting the old one.
  23. it will be eventually its a large one so its not something we can just do in a few minutes.
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