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  1. My new ClayFighter is finally ready to smash your MUGEN with his tentacles (no hentai). A conversion of his version from CF2: Judgment Clay with the 63 1/3 style you know and love. And since his source game lacks of a lot of normal issues from fighting games, I'll make you a list of what's the new stuff he has compared to his source material: Gameplay from 63 1/3, with FX and sounds, combo system (Insane Combos included) and Claytalities New throws and supers, inexistent in C2 12 palettes, 6 from the game, 5 originals and one of his evil clone Jack And of course, compatibility with MUGEN1.0+ (data, winquotes, etc), just choose "octo-m1.def" and that's all! And now, the screenshots: I hope you like this new release of mine, which also inaugurates the new ClayFighter section in Chars, with all my releases characters from this series in one page (HoboCop included) now going to finish Nanaman (it was intended to finish both at the same time, but Octohead went first), so expect a new release very soon You're octogone!
  2. Yeah, I got inspirated once again, sorry In these days I learned finally how to make storyboards (I never did any of them since I started), and since the endings of this game is the closest we can call "endings" (in all the others are the character in move and a wall of text), I figured out they were easy to make. So, here you are, all the endings for the 16 characters of the game (the 8 official ones and their clones/bosses), with the bass music included as seen in this video which I'm based on I hope you enjoy them, so you can get endings for all your CF chars that appeared in this game, included my versions of Ice, Tiny and Butch (and soon Octohead and Nanaman, too). They're all in one file, but if you want, I can make separate downloads if there're enough quorum... and maybe other endings or intros Stay cool Add-ons -> Intros & Endings (new section, yeah!!)
  3. ULTIMATE SMASHBOX is a project originally developed on the M.U.G.E.N engine and currently ported to the I.K.E.M.E.N engine. Its objective is to bring together the most recognized characters around the world to provide a fighting game experience from a new perspective with a unique story. For the moments is in development but this is the progress: Opening: Beta 2.0 Relase Trailer: SOME SCREENSHOTS Download here: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/s9z6ju9xgsnu3/ULTIMATE_SMASHBOX_-_LITE_EDITION Full Credits are inside of the game but this is a summary of the most important authors: Suehiro Alceris Phantom.of.the.Server Duralmind PlasmoidThunder S666 RobiWanKen0bi Brucewayne74 Yolomate MMV Team PizzaHighFive Chaotic Luigi-Master Alucard Ismael De Jesús Pérez Golden Mugen Brasil Jenngra505 CandyBoy Doggiedoo Bad Darkness CHOUJIN Gudine Artisto General Steps GladiaCloud Techy121 Diogo M Soulfire EmmanuelMugen1331 Hiram Yagami Seiyadivin Kingseiya AlGod Son Bra Is Good Sawady Nexus Games The None Peg Sergeus Donald Nemesis Ali LingryGamer618 YAMATO Germanvasquez Nicious chuchoryu Bambulin AxSeeker Dxwho Enzo the Glitch MrBastMugen Neocargalpha Realredred Lord Sinistro Mae77 LimitedMoon Omardapimp123 DMSderProgamer Proud of Ragequittin David Demianoff Lem Lem Jose Cuervo NDSilva Raigugiraru Reu Shimmering Brony Jarquin10 Cesar Sombra Armin Iuf Mike Obrecht MEGA X DrKelexo Balthazar Cybaster Websta KoopaKoot JMorphman XGargoyle Acey Omegabros Lumppowraca Mr.Ansatsuken Jeffry081 Fhqwhgads7 Ivandiaz DJMouF MGNFN Jamex15 DrKelexo Gamerduck13 Warner- H SWAGaming98 Tonos Vegeth1985 SeiyaDivin NHK Vans Mr.Giang SeanAltly DivineWolf OHMSBY JnXC Jmorphmans BeterHans Kishio David Demianoff Mugen70 Monkeyx5 Wou Lucas9999 Silvan S.Y.D Sennou-Room UltraSonic50 MKJ Christian Nunez Moku CobraG6 N64Mario TMasta Skiff SUGIO Cenobite 53 Lord Sinistro SuccubusRS ahuron ShinRyoga NeOaNkH Bumble Vin DG Redline Bartlett Txpot DDR 2010LifeGame Luketheemewtwo Luiz 17 Binho AngryBirdCooler GIF Mr.T Nodog Thebuddyadrian Aperson98 CaWO4 Armin Iuf Makaibros Weobros DaMarioMemer Synck SANKITI Varia31 Zelgadis Arsene Lupin Actarus Shazzo CyberLizard Orochihomer Yagoshi Jenngra505 WlanmaniaX RoySquadRocks Eliphusz Hiperhazz Wildshark Nightterror599 Iron Commando Barai N-Mario EXShadow Zachary NexT One Darek EsauKW The Mugen DISSIDIA MUGENBOY Manuz Kleylson ShinZankuro Cavalcante mAdLaX Margatroid Kater15
  4. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] Oil Field [COMMENT] Dropping another original stage thanks to the wonderful art of Mark Kirkpatrick. Got the usual specs like zoom, scaling, looped bgm, animations and superjump. Enjoy the vibes...
  5. --- This version has a lot of problem with the game RAM --- To temporarily fix it, you can change the name of any franchise (or subfolder) of characters within the chars folder Recommendation for: Others Games/Blazblue Anime/Ougon Musou Kyoku PS: The game starts at 1,9 Gb and not at 2,8 GB --- The game for default starts at 2,8 Gb of memory and about 3,4 Gb crashes --- --- The next version will improve this RAM problem --- Infomation: Size: 47,2 GB Date: May 2020 System Requirements: 4 GB RAM Characters: 2069 Stages: 2533 TO VISIT https://edl7.es.tl/ Download
  6. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] Tayio [COMMENT] Back wit some heat for ya. Based on an iconic stage from an iconic fighting game, and one of my all time favorite games in general. Come with zoom, superjump, parallax and looped bgm. Click that link, homie.
  7. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] 03 [COMMENT] Dropping another cool piece of artwork from Mark Kirkpatrick that I converted to mugen. Has animations, parallax, zoom, zoom delta, and super jump. Click and enjoy!
  8. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] 02 [COMMENT] Dropping some more cool art by Mark Kirkpatrick converted to mugen goodness. Come with zoom, zoom delta, superjump and looped bgm. Enljoy!
  9. cldz

    JUS [4:3]

    yorozuya davybackfight Senbei's House The Dipper sky zoom version can auto zoomout to around .75 if used on 1280x720[stagefit = 0] you might want to adjust the boundhigh if you do use it on 1280x720,this version meant for 4:3 char if you're using 16:9 char on 1280x720 try the 480p version...but you might want to adjust the boundhigh also set your stagefit to "0" it should looks something like the preview below
  10. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] Step into the unknown... [COMMENT] Dropping some 720p, 1.1 only content. The image I chopped up was created by a talented artist named Mark Kirkpatrick. I've got a few more projects using his works that I may or may not drop separately. Either way, you'll see them...eventually. Nothing too fancy coding wise. Just superjump, zoom and some looped trap music. Click the link, my dudes.
  11. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ge073qrx0x7kgaf/[msf]Lvl1.zip/file
  12. Yuka Takeuchi is maybe the most powerful fighter in the history of Variable Geo tournaments. That's why Miranda Jahana took part of her DNA and her fighting data to create the perfect clone. Known as False Yuka, this clone possesses all of Yuka's skills, but at the service of Miranda and her evil plans. Now, only left to confront Yuka and take the place of the original one. For those ones who follow my projects since long time, this project was proposed years ago, and even when I got some of the char advanced, I never got her finished or at least playable at all. Until now. For those ones who don't know about this, well... I made a rest from my ClayFighter chars to rework in an old project of mine that I quicky finished in a week, my apologies for cannot get her ready before June ends, but here it is anyway :P Now about the character: False Yuka Takeuchi A perfect clone of Yuka, the protagonist of Variable Geo series, made for the Turbo CD version of the first game and Saturn's Advanced Variable Geo 1 as the final boss, which uses Yuka's 2P colors (purple hair and pink outfit instead of brown/orange) as her default palette. Since I love Yuka, instead to make my own version of her, I prefered to make this clone that hasn't a conversion of any type for MUGEN until today. In general, she plays similar to Yuka with some minor differences in moves. Here's what you can find on her: All her basic moves and 6 buttons (3 punches and 3 kicks) Similar gameplay seen in the other girls I made as Shelly Tarlar and Roxy with Capcom's FX and sounds Used XCB's CS SFF for DivineWolf's Yuka Takeuchi and Nyankiryu's Yuka voice and some sounds A megamix of Yuka moves from the entire V.G. series 2 throws, 3 specials, 3 EX moves and 5 supers 12 palettes, one of them based on Yuka, obviously As most of my creations, made under WinMugen but compatible with M1.0+ (data, winquotes, etc., just choose fyuka-m1.def and that's all!!) Screenshots: I hope you like them, she's now part of the Doppelganger Project just as Shelly Tarlar and Roxy, now having enough chars to get their own separate section. Apart of solving bugs, I hope to make special intros and wins against their real counterparts, especially the ones made by DivineWolf (Shelly/Tia, Roxy/Poison and False Yuka/Yuka), maybe next time ;) You wanna fries with that? Characters -> Experiments 07/04/2020 - Version 1.01 -Fixed bug of Idaten Geki moves and others where the opponent can block during the move
  13. ➥ DESCARGA: <Admin Edit: Blacklisted URLs removed> ➥ MI CANAL: kevdres5
  14. There's my stage release Backyardigans Backyard (The Backyardigans) Download Here Haru no Carnival Theme Theater (Pretty Cure All Stars) Download Here - 1.1 Only End..
  15. Stages are lossless and 32bit. Mugen 1.1 only. All stages can be changed to 4:3 or 16:9 in the .def file http://www.trinitymugen.net Downloads→Stages→Websta Note: when switching to 16:9 make sure you change: boundleft = -448 boundright = 448 to boundleft = -341 boundright = 341
  16. Hi guys!! I've been absent all the past 2018 for personal reasons, but now I'm back with these creations from ClayFighter franchise (and to honor its death and Interplay's in 2016) I've been worked all this summer (yes, here in the southern it's summer) and now they're finally ready to be launched. Let me introduce you my new stuff: 1. Blue Suede Goo The Elvis impersonator from the first game is back to MUGEN with this new version, which is faithful to the first ClayFighter and CF: Tournament Edition from SNES (since basic to special moves are accurate to the source) but made under the 63 1/3 engine made for Earthworm Jim, as well added various of the features from this game (since sounds and sparks to moves like Overhead Attack, Launcher, Claytalities and the complete combo system, Insane Combos included). I like the result of this character and I hope you enjoy him as I did creating him... OH MOMMA!! 2. Earthworm Jim The favourite videogames worm is back with a vengeance!! I finally can add all the sprites I needed to get a more complete version of him (adapted and modified from the spritesheet by Random Talking Bush). These are some of the major changes from this update: Various anims (since basics to specials/supers) now have more sprites, so now Jim is more fluid than before He had just one before, now Jim has all the 6 Insane Combos (Ultras) from the game!! Finally made the intro (supersuit falling from sky) and winpose (Jim shooting to himself) from 63 1/3 Added his 2 throws from the game Added 2 new Claytalities from the game: Launch from MUGEN and Squish Claytality, completing 3 in total!! (only 2 more should be made to get him all of them) More voice samples added, included the hitsounds Compatible with these custom states: squished/splatted, burnt, stuck in the ground (DrKelexo's Deathmask) and cheap KO Compatibility with MUGEN1.0+ (data, winquotes, etc), just choose "ewj-m1.def" and that's all (Blue Suede Goo also has this BTW) So here they are, I hope you enjoy them... and I hope to make more characters from ClayFighter 63 1/3 (Bad Mr. Frosty and Boogerman are in my chars-to-do list), as well adapting from the first 2 games as I did wth BSG (if you like the result of BSG, I'm interested to revive Tiny in a future). So, download them now!! HEY WATCH THE HAIR MAN!! Chars -> Adaptations ----------------------------------- 03/08/2019: Both chars has been updated!! Both chars: - Dampered damage, since normal hits to supers and combo system - Added a special CMD for MUGEN1.0+ Earthworm Jim: - Fixed bug on Cow From Sky for chars that doesn't have the 7689 anim - Made minor fixes on throws Blue Suede Goo: - Fixed some stuff in readme (now is in full english :P) - Fixed splatted sprite on 7689 - Fixed infinites on normal hits as well unguardables on normal kicks ----------------------------------- 03/13/2019: Jim has been updated AGAIN!! Earthworm Jim: - FINALLY Fixed bug on Cow From Sky -Added more time to afterimage for Insane Combos
  17. For M.U.G.E.N v1.1 This is my 4th M.U.G.E.N fan character. It was originally made for the purpose of Ai vs AI spectacle fights and pre-released on the MUGEN streaming website called Spriteclub. After having fun going overboard and experimenting heavily on Flower Drunk Girls, I got back to making something "normal" again, practicing making characters and getting used to MUGEN more. So nothing too out of the ordinary this time. I tried a few new things and learned a few more things as a result. She is a simple character with one-button attacks, and isn't meant to be a sophisticated fighting character. I simply wanted to add her in a M.U.G.E.N format. Since she was originally made for AI spectacle fights, her AI is likely quite unfair, and wasn't initially made for human challenge in mind. Download Link: http://tstorage.info/4ulfcwzhf2wc Note: There's a known issue with one of her moves, specifically her Air Grab, where she's supposed to throw the enemy down diagonally towards the furthest screen edge. But if she grabs the enemy near the center of the screen, she'll sometimes end up dropping towards the same direction as the enemy is thrown. Nothing game breaking, but end up looking a bit weird as a result. This issue is actually displayed in the showcase video. Thanks for reading!
  18. For M.U.G.E.N v1.1 This is my 3rd M.U.G.E.N fan character. It was originally made for the purpose of Ai vs AI spectacle fights on the MUGEN streaming website called Spriteclub. This time around for my 3rd attempt, I just wanted to have fun and go nuts making an unconventional Joke character while learning more new things for MUGEN char development. So I ended up slapping on as many gimmicks as I felt necessary to this one while trying to make it at least entertaining to watch. As such, she has things like perma-super armor, permanent helpers, etc. That being said, she isn't exactly an overpowered super killer either. She's more annoying to opponents than anything, probably. Since this was a character made for AI spectacle fights, and should be considered more of a Joke/Boss character, it isn't meant to be controlled by a player at all. Nothing's stopping you though. Download Link: http://tstorage.info/g0efwd1uui2h Thanks for reading!
  19. For M.U.G.E.N v1.1 This is my 2nd attempt at making a M.U.G.E.N character. It was originally made for the purpose of Ai vs AI spectacle fights on the streaming website called Spriteclub. Lady's Sorrel is another character from Flower Knight Girl. Like the previous character I made, she's also a simple character with one-button attacks, and isn't meant to be a sophisticated fighting character. While my first character was a sandbox for my introduction to MUGEN character creation, this one was a way for me to apply and practice what I already learned before moving on to learning more things. Since she was originally made for AI spectacle fights, her AI is likely quite unfair despite a small moveset. Download Link: http://tstorage.info/ebuffdkp3hxz Thanks for reading!
  20. [PREVIEW] Video: [LINK] http://excahmmugen.blogspot.mx/ >Excahm´s Box [INFO] -Mugen 1.1 Only. -Secondary DEF without Zoom. -Superjump = Yes! -Zoom = Yes! [COMMENT] Well, another stage~ Really Simple but that looks nice (for ME!) Was planing to release a 1.0 (640x480) Version today too but i kinda forgot how to resize down and index images correctly so... Yeah, It looked like crap To be honest, so scrap that one to trashbin. BUT! I´ll try to release the 1.0 Version this next weekend (Maybe not!) Meanwhile! Hope you like it! (1.1 Users :P).
  21. cldz


  22. WN-Goku [0.9b] Mugenversion: 1.1 Render: OpenGL Char 0.9 beta version release. There are bugs, and also some content has not entered. Later, maybe updated. Enjoy! Download link: https://mega.nz/#F!P8pHXLpR!gbcw8UhGP6m6XiUAAHuUjw System requirements: 4 gb+ ram 1gb+ vram Mugen cfg: AfterImageMax = 50+ LayeredSpriteMax = 500+ ExplodMax = 500+ SysExplodMax = 500+ PlayerProjectileMax = 500+ WavChannels = 500+ Special thanks for: David11 Juansennin maximkud
  23. Chikara Tournament OpenGL version screenshots: DirectX version screenshots: Download link
  24. I make stages apparently. Combination of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody's rendition of the library crossed with Immaterial and Missing Power's pulsating light effects, more or less. It'll work in whatever M.U.G.E.N you throw at it (maybe not DOS, but then why are you using DOS in this day and age?). Featurinos Animated Has indefinitely looping music Camera follows Mahvels when they jump high 'n' stuff Will probably lag on a 30 year old toaster Doesn't like BGPalFX all that much M.U.G.E.N 1.1 version that does like BGPalFX quite a bit (New!) Download PlasmoidThunder's Scrapheap
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