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  1. Man, who knew Wou could make such glorious underrated/obscure chars in KOF sprites style. just amazing!
  2. Welp, back from my thanksgiving feast. Possibly might be in a food coma for the next 3 or 5 days 😛🤢😛


    How was any of yours?

  3. Been listening to this way too much 🤭






    This is my F'ing JAM!!!


  4. Bump How come with Ina's AH2 chars Kamui is the only one extracted from the dgc file? Now only if possible, could you reupload the rest of them with zip or rar variations. Not sure if its true, but I heard DGCA doesn't work right with any pc above Win XP or 7. (Running Win 10 BTW)
  5. Sup everyone, its good'ol Vocalnoid here. Some of you might probably know me from MFG, but if you don't, here's a extremely short summary about me. I got interested to mugen by a sonic fan game called Freedom Fighters, first ever version played: WinMugen (not plus), Favorite Engine: 1.1 (although and can except some interests with 1.0), and thats all I can think of really. I probably won't be as active as much as MFG, but hopefully I'll give the best of what I'll give to all of you. Thank you, and I hope this friendship will last for eternity. 😍
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