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  1. How did you make that ladder, and it going up between rounds? Is it possible to do other things similar to that in other Mugen? If so, that's dope.
  2. I found Dazzler by jr6 & Twinimage + Fron: https://mega.nz/file/BAVy3KDK#v70GYI8tjUhW0Sd7t-EOBUmZ6IyRWAAa8tX2fqXyBo0
  3. I can't find Sic-1's Fragged City Stage Pack I also can't find their Battle on the Subway stage: The links for these are dead on the site: https://sicgraphicsmugen.darkbb.com/?pid=4 Does anyone have these stages?
  4. The link for Hulk 2099 is dead, so I found another one: https://web.archive.org/web/20190205152509/http://www.infinitymugenteam.com/Uploads/ACEY/Hulk2099.ace
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