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  1. woooho wwa and also bwosh bang bang. These are all special effects.

  2. ayo where's neo metal sonic and infinite 😭

    1. Neo_Fire_Sonic


      Sitting on my pc waiting to get done, along with the other 785476547659 characters and 3758478564654 mugens I am making.  mugen010.png

    2. Arya Chan ☆

      Arya Chan ☆

      i'll pray for your progress in them, mainly neo metal sonic, i been playing the game it's really cool so nice job

    3. Gaulbetti


      Never forget "Neo's dabbing Sonic" in there somewhere.

  3. I've been with the discord chat since the very beginning, I'd be a good pick since you know, I'm sane, and I'm online literally all the time.
  4. I'll eat the year 2021 for breakfast

    it will cook like bacon

    1. Vocalnoid


      With a side order of hope

  5. Oh look, its done now. https://mega.nz/file/sl8kARAY#p8xJ1xbe7jBED5nWkLG-kGZvRjO-EYIlOqX9W661at0 whatever. 2013 feels like so long ago.
  6. I'm confused as why mugen archive is advertised there when the reddit recommends people to not go there
  7. You haven't been helpful to him at all, you just want something that has literally nothing to do with his full game at all. Anyways, I've tried team sonic fighters, didn't know what to expect but, one thing, if you want it to be like MvC2, you need to have all the normals be able to cancel into each other. I haven't run into any glitches or anything, other than character sprites misaligned. Also you should not use conflicting voice fx its very... jarring marty sonic If you want me to be honest here though, tsf is not very visually appealing to me, everything lo
  8. Compare your characters to normal, balanced characters. If you really want to be good at something, repetition is something you'll have to consider doing, instead of just giving up.
  9. Demo 4 New characters and stages, plenty of bugfixes, and new content altogether for some characters Also I made the commands less restrictive, be sure to check each character's "readme" in their folder to know how to do their attacks. https://mega.nz/file/8ksDXS4A#DBzTzeP1E29woJCwXm1ExdLTsqsuv5bWryu3b7bfP_U Also, updated original post with newer select screen.
  10. lol i havent fuckin posted in a topic on the forum in a year HA

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    2. Neo_Fire_Sonic


      good question, is it?

    3. Gaulbetti


      Well, I remember the old Chat discussions we had.

    4. Neo_Fire_Sonic


      ...what discussions

  11. I know you are here, i can smell the salsa!

    1. Noside


      Sauce Walka, the god of salsa.

  12. mugen forums are so boring

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    2. Jewel men10

      Jewel men10

      so what brought you to here?

    3. jo19sh92


      I doubt they're boring, but ehh, to each their own. Maybe you just need a new hobby or interest my friend.

    4. Neo_Fire_Sonic


      I haven't posted, in months

  13. https://mega.nz/#!pwNj0S5J!FC7yGuezxJJ7d714pgDcngm73D9XOtNf0pUrToHyIF8 Update, Demo 2 -Some new characters, and stages, and some characters have changes.
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