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  1. The characters I am looking for: -Unknown author's Donkey Kong - This can be seen in this video: -Ivan Luiz's Cheezy - Like some his other characters, he is a spriteswap of Poisonberry. And I think this was lost... -Madoldcrow1105's SpongeBob SquarePants (old version) - He just has a intro with Wooldoor Sockbat before turning into him and a hyper were he becames a fairy-like Tinker Bell before replaced by the Goofy Goober Wizard hyper. Also his KO sound is different than this. Even though Madoldcrow1105's Toro Inoue was already found, I think the another do
  2. I said Muchlade's self-char's download link is here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/m3fcdh4f9sghk5x/Syunsuke.zip/file
  3. Peter Griffin edit by xXPGlitz236Xx https://www.andersonkenya1.net/files/file/9721-peter-griffin-xxpglitz236xxs-edit/
  4. Oh, you don't see? He's green!
  5. A Green Sonic, he's blue not green!
  6. Madoldcrow1105's SpongeBob and Madoldcrow1105's unfinished Patrick needs to be both dead links since they were no longer exists.
  7. Link for Madoldcrow1105's Dudley Puppy, Kitty Katswell, and Jenny/XJ9 are broken.
  8. More feedbacks: -He doesn't slide a little bit after stopping on his forward running animation state. -He disappears on his guarding animation. -Still due to of Ed having a custom wall hit spark animation, just try adding the normal one for if the opponent does not have this: -Nazz still appears nowhere instead of coming by to him before kissing. -He still keeps looping for the air guard end animation and punched in the nuts animation. -You still have to change the sprites: -The burned state goes wrong for non-burned animation ch
  9. HAPPY THANKSGIVING MY FRIEND! Thank you thank you! Thank you very much.

  10. I still use this on chrome for this laptop to go on Mugen Archive.
  11. NEATO! I like that collection! I think other characters for this will be in this MUGEN.
  12. Marge still wears normal clouthes during her Ghost Tracey Ullman Marge super move.
  13. Hey, I was even to find an Unknown author's Donkey Kong, the version of him was seen in this video: Can someone find this Donkey?
  14. The ambulances will have to wait their turn.
  15. Well, as for my thoughts, what's even many shows I think so far: The X's (The show only lasted for one season.) Pelswick (Nickelodeon, Nicktoons and CBC seems refused to air and rerun the show.) Baby Blues (animated series; the show has been taken off on The WB after 8 episodes, the last 5 episodes aired in 2002 on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.) Meeow! (Why the show nevered aired in the USA and Canada.) Cyborg kuro-chan (The show never get an US english dub of the anime, they nevered aired in the US.) Animal Yokocho (There was an english dub to the show on
  16. I had many things I know this: I prefer to the 2000 animated series of Clifford the Big Red Dog instead of the 2019 animated series, because I like the animation of the show animated by the same animators who did the animation for Ed, Edd n Eddy, The Fairly OddParents (Season 1 - late-season 10 episodes), Harvey Beaks, Clifford's Puppy Days (the show's spin-off), and others. I hope the Baby Blues TV series' season 2 will be came out, maybe on HBO Max. I do not like the 2015 reboot for Inspector Gadget because they made it CGI, some bad voice acting and others. I prefer to t
  17. I have even seen The Incredibles stage on the video were Elastigirl fights with Homer:
  18. DDR's Mickey Mouse used Underdog as a base with still Underdog sprites and sounds.
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