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  1. This build looks and sounds very nice tbh! Is there any tedious coding like C# or C++ or Is there easy coding like in Fighter Factory?
  2. I assume you never played Rakugakids before. Right? Well this is how the character plays. I'm sorry. It's not perfect. And Is it supposed to be? How do you expect me to start from scratch?! And how is it easy? I know how to code.
  3. Ah. Cool. Good luck on that! And yes. More Rakugakids characters would be kinda cool!
  4. That's okay. We all make mistakes. Just go to the link for this site I sent you. It has all the Rakugakids characters that have not been made yet.
  5. What's difficult to tell? And How is it difficult to tell?
  6. Look, I played Rakugakids. Every character in that game doesn't have 2 supers that do damage. Look at NGI's Captain.Cat.Kit. I thought it would be cool to import this other character from Rakugakids and make him like he actually did in Rakugakids. And how is it a Spriteswap? I just used Captain.Cat.Kit as a base. Trust me. I did finish him. I did my best. Okay? So I'm sorry if you dislike this. Where did you find this anyway? Gamebanana? Go here for the Finished version:
  7. An insanely obscure fighting game for the N64 in which Konami Published and Developed. But didn't bother to focus more on the game years ago. However despite all the silly cartoon sound effects, Cute and childish children's drawings and weird gameplay, It's actually super good to get into. Here are the characters that have been made. ASTRONOTS (Drawn By Andy) Creator(s): None Yet COOLS.ROY (Drawn By Roy) Creator(s): PIzzaDarius25: http://www.mediafire.com/file/675t3txb3jwiukw/cools.roy.zip/file
  8. Dude, We need more Rakugakids characters in Mugen!! You guys remember the N64 fighting game, RakugaKids. Right? Well, It's a pretty obscure game created by Konami, where children find a cave full of magic crayons to fight a bully who stole the last pack of crayons. I thought it would be cool to have other people create these characters from RakugaKids cause y'know, It's funny, adorable. charming and of course, colorful. Many years ago, Probably in 2013, A mugen character creater made Captain.Cat.Kit and got ALL of the move right and animations almost perfectly right and used Project64 to rip t
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