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  1. "What a nice day to chop some grass off"

  2. (Sigh) everytime I upload youtube videos about mugen, spambots kept getting on back I had to block every single one of them, but every time I block them, more back up bots flew by and started appearing out of nowhere. It's starting to become a nightmare and it's freaking me out, they act like they have no purpose in life but to keep coming over to comments section. It's seems I can't fight this kind of nightmare and they just won't stop. has anyone else had spam bots flying by to your comments? (please tell me)

  3. This site is way better than Mugen Archive.

  4. Yo, it's me Aquatic Gabe (Gabriel Sellers is my old Name), See that man in Blue Jacket with Black spike hair? forgive me for Making my Self-insert Quality low. you see it was created with an DC Template, I'm creating a new one and it's a W.I.P. here's the preview Self-insert Preview 2 - YouTube
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