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  1. CHARACTERS -Added Eevee by LukeDoofy. -Fixed link to Pikachu by Evilasio Da Paz.
  2. He never left, he just keeps his stuff private and only shares it with those he trusts. He has no hold over the usage of Pikachu's sprites, as Gladiacloud made them; Dilly only created the select portrait, so if contributing a single sprite is enough to have full ownership, then it's a shared ownership because I sprited the select icon, uncredited.
  3. Sorry to hear that, but that's what they're like unfortunately. Welcome to MFFA, it's much nicer here!
  4. Sure doesn't. CHARACTERS -Added JOYA (Bronzong). -Added Lucario by MrBastMugen. -Added Cinderace by Mighty Stymie.
  5. Lol. CHARACTERS -Added Pikachu by Evilasio Da Paz. -Added Cinderace by Sebastian Ridings. -Added Spiderman/Pickachu by Wildshark.
  6. Or just show some self-restraint and not expend the effort.
  7. Updated because 5 years ago, Demitri/Genesis suggested background variance and I only just recently felt like doing it, lol. Vertical camera bounds were also increased.
  8. You fool. You dullard. You catastrophically ignorant buffoon. You put forward not 1, but 2 of our taboo glyph.
  9. She's in regular BlazBlue, but not Cross Tag Battle.
  10. And that's the entirety of state 3200? How does the character get to state 3200? Only being able to trigger when time = 0 implies the character is constantly entering the state.
  11. The simple answer is no, just use Kung Fu Man. The complicated answer is that there's not really any good template characters because they all have their own issues, even Kung Fu Man. I'd recommend MFG's updated Kung Fu Man, but it features a custom buffering system that uses Explods, which have a global instance limit and can thus be unreliable when characters who use a lot of Explods are present.
  12. Out of the two, Studio. I recommend 3 though.
  13. Many sites perform IP bans specifically to prevent (or try to prevent) a banned user from making a new account to circumvent the ban, which happens a lot. Nothing exclusive to MA at all.
  14. Some representative is probably going to contribute to this thread soon. The monetary gain debacle depends on how you look at it. Every website needs a source of income to stay online; for some, it's paid out of pocket, others through adverts and/or donations. Strictly speaking, in the case of MA, monetary gain is to pay for Dizzy's PS5 keep the site running, which in itself is fine; they're running a service after all and someone has to pay the server/hosting fees. In that aspect, it's no different from sites like MediaFire running ads on download pages. Naturally the other way to look at it is that they're profiting off licensed properties and the work of others, but again, no different from other file hosts that run ads alongside downloads. You're not actually paying to access the content...until you are. See, a lot of content is locked behind having an account. Simple enough, it's a free account on the surface, but it seems a lot of new users are finding themselves in a moderation queue that doesn't move (alt: purgatory); there's a way to skip the queue, however, but it requires making a donation. Even having an account doesn't give you access to all the content, as lower user ranks have download limits, mandating the user to contribute to the site to rank up...or donate. That's where the issue lies: they're locking content they don't own behind grinding or a paywall, like a free-to-play game.
  15. Probably around the time he released his first set of Pokémon.
  16. This is known. He's made this very clear in the past.
  17. CHARACTERS -Added Ivysaur by This Boy. -Added Deribado by mohumohu. -Added Kirlia by Mapelao. FULL GAMES -Added Pokemon II by AxKing. -Added Pokemon Stadium Mugen by chuchoryu. -Updated MugenMon by LucarioGamer2006. At some point I'll add the remaining characters from Ax's game.
  18. Guild's back. Everyone can stop panicking now lol.

  19. The error explains the issue exactly; there are too many commands. I imagine the patcher added additional commands for tagging and such, which pushed it over the 128 command limit. The fact that the character is anywhere near that without the patcher raises concern. One thing you can try is seeing if any of the commands the patcher added are identical to existing commands within the character and to use them instead, though that would require a little bit of recoding so that both the character and the tag system read the same command.
  20. Having to download that Pikachu's files individually was annoying. CHARACTERS -Added Retarded Pikachu by Joe Jackson. -Added Betobeton (Muk) by fu-lin & kirbey.
  21. Oh cool. That means both the Aggron and Muk sprites in this collection have been used. Will add everything tomorrow.
  22. CHARACTERS -Added Kabutops by Axking. -Added Sharpedo by Axking. -Fixed link to Emperor Jolteon by marcio araujo. -Fixed link to Cascoon by marcio araujo.
  23. CHARACTERS -Added Nidoking by Axking. -Added Azurill by YochiThMaster333.
  24. Ax does this thing where he lists the company that owns said character as the author instead of himself.
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