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  1. - The Dice itself (from the Daisy Dice hyper) gives back power when it hits the opponent. - Dunno if this was intentional but the air hard punch and kick seems to block in the middle instead of high. If it was, maybe I'll the air hard kick a pass since it looks like Daisy is kicking straight forward, but for the hard punch it looks she's swinging her fists downward. - There should be a certain time limit to how long the blue shell can hover over daisy's head (you can keep the "press start to activate" thing though if you know what I mean) but that's just a suggestion so it's up to you. Aside from those points I brought up, I think this might well be the best Daisy we've ever gotten. Great work!
  2. Alright, looking at my post again. I may have overreacted in some parts more or less. I intended not to be agressive or anything, but I suppose by saying little things, I have. If that's how you guys feel. I'll just delete the posts and never utter a word here again. Sorry if I was acting like a dick.
  3. So I did a complete overhaul on my "mugencharsandstages" website, and it looks completely different now. Hope you guys can check it out sometime: https://diamondawesomeness.wixsite.com/mugencharsandstages

  4. Oh boy, a released character! Who's it gonna be this time??


  5. Yep, 2 weeks already and I'm already releasing it. Not like this is the first time this happened. Anyways, here's Dororo from Sgt. Frog. I hope ya'll enjoy him, and feedback is appreciated. VIDEO: DOWNLOADS: DORORO: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19gEAwFNyCt4BWRgvs7BpriPUlPFrPvnE/view Hope you guys enjoy them!
  6. New W.I.P after a while. 


  7. Oh lookie here, something that's new and totally not a remaster. And yes, it's a character from an underrated anime called Dororo. Here's a video showing his progress. Hope you enjoy!
  8. Special battle cause why not? 


  9. Time for pudding and cola:
  10. Guess if you want something done now, you have to do it yourself. - Added Neera Li by Broder IX
  11. Well, do you have a link for it?
  12. Yes, another battle: 


  13. Another battle? 😮 



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