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  1. Birthday Blu Kirb in the house! :3


  2. Surprise! Got three new awesome battles for y'all!



  3. Holy donut shops! Another remaster in the works? Wonder who could it be this time...?



    1. Noside


      Didn't know there were holy donut shops, no crispy cream?

  4. Oh look, another remaster! And guess what? It's the little red rid-I mean, wizard herself, Ashley! Yeah, wanted to do this cause bored and stuff. Here's a vid showing her progress. Hope you likey. :3 VIDEO:
  5. Who's ready for another M.U.G.E.N super fight? 


  6. Oh look, a new M.U.G.E.N battle:
  7. Nice job for your first stage. Keep up the good work!
  8. Amazing stage, man! Keep up the good work with these! :3
  9. - The Dice itself (from the Daisy Dice hyper) gives back power when it hits the opponent. - Dunno if this was intentional but the air hard punch and kick seems to block in the middle instead of high. If it was, maybe I'll the air hard kick a pass since it looks like Daisy is kicking straight forward, but for the hard punch it looks she's swinging her fists downward. - There should be a certain time limit to how long the blue shell can hover over daisy's head (you can keep the "press start to activate" thing though if you know what I mean) but that's just a suggestion so it's up to y
  10. So I did a complete overhaul on my "mugencharsandstages" website, and it looks completely different now. Hope you guys can check it out sometime: https://diamondawesomeness.wixsite.com/mugencharsandstages

  11. Oh boy, a released character! Who's it gonna be this time??


  12. Yep, 2 weeks already and I'm already releasing it. Not like this is the first time this happened. Anyways, here's Dororo from Sgt. Frog. I hope ya'll enjoy him, and feedback is appreciated. VIDEO: DOWNLOADS: DORORO: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19gEAwFNyCt4BWRgvs7BpriPUlPFrPvnE/view Hope you guys enjoy them!
  13. New W.I.P after a while. 


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