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  1. File updated. -added Damage Dampener -added ReadMe Remaining things will be fixed soon.
  2. I will try to fix everything, but about that you said i used MvC template - you will not believe, but i created this thing on DBZ base.
  3. Blue Hedgehog released by Dark Chaos Everything is in video. I just can say that this is a joke character. God, what a character i created? Download : https://onedrive.live.com/?id=736DD2D4A765B3E5!111&cid=736DD2D4A765B3E5

    This thing was in his intros...


    This feeling when you spam "BURN TO THE GROUND!"

  6. When i have nothing to do.


  7. Robert Shigabutdinov (i know, this sounds a bit funny, i'm from Russia, anyway).
  8. You know who is inspired me to do this.


  9. Showing everything i done on my Amy.







    Only russians will understand.

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    2. Dark Chaos

      Dark Chaos

      Переходи на мой родной язык. :3 Я из России.

    3. Алексей


      Я (думаю что) из Украина, но мой русский – плохо.) Там я жил в детдоме и не знаю биологические родители. Теперь живу в Америке (и не все знаю русский язык).

    4. Neo_Fire_Sonic


      i feel offended, that you didn't use the new version of -Z-

  11. Just made the avatar for my profile. And i don't want to change it. :P
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