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  1. Believe it or not. Now my world is Aura Kingdom. If you want to meet me then play Aura Kingdom and meet me. Username: Vality Server: Hydra See ya guys. it's goodbye. Take a screenshot or make a video it's doesn't matter for me. (For those who don't know who i am). HARSH
  2. Well it's kinda funny but Best of Luck to find a home. XD See Random Chatter for my last post. It's goodbye for me too.
  3. What the hell happend to the world? EVERYTHING IS BORING.
  4. Is is cricket match score board?
  5. Congrats Laharl. Hope you will be Admin for long time.
  6. It's was all joke about the poll and moderator. You are really a serious guy.
  7. Why don't do a poll for a admin?
  8. I not want to be Admin, I want to be Moderator.
  9. Ok, but will you edit the Test Theme? Who will manage that theme?
  10. But, Who will promote Laharl to Admin? Will Ryon come back to Promote Laharl to Admin?
  11. 1.Sword Art Online 2.Fairy Tail 3.Hayate no Gotoku 4. Noucome 5: Naruto
  12. Are you old? Only Old man takes retirement from their job. I can be a Globel Moderator so make a poll for it. lol
  13. I like at "Make a Request" Station and "RANDOM CHATTER" and sometimes in Admin Section and "Release" Section.
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