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  1. happy birthday




  2. happy late birthday, sorry

    1. Ryou


      As a matter of fact you're one week too early, lol.

  3. Hi it's been a while since we talked, I have this version of Draculina: https://mega.nz/file/ZVw2lYhQ#yJ3bGlPrZfUC8RMeOwRY4-79ZlGSQ_i05pkuRy2A3Ro ,if you need more mugen make me a list and see for you.

  4. hello, if you need more mugen make me a list and see for you.

    1. Maruishi




      Ummm... But I really want to collect cheap characters from other japanese users' website as I can and see if they are stronger than Crazy Catastrophe or Persephone.

    2. 00124577


      use the fighter factory classic, this example below :

      khris "changed" -->  https://mega.nz/folder/P9ICiRRJ#zYUPIgSHdZ4-qC95gTcrLA

      original -->https://mega.nz/folder/mpozRAJT#lub0We1m5DfdBgVVJhIeDA

      But if you don't change the character is:
      Chuck Norris
      Rare Akuma
      Orochi Phoenix
      Ronald McDonald "Dark"

      Ono Kohaku

      Hatsune Miku

      Akame Ga Kill (Lv. 7 AI)


      Dancing Banana (Rotten)


    3. Maruishi


      Thanks again!

  5. hi i would like to warn you that i found one of this char on the link "Millarca" do mmm --> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1C-TkXcAtRW2a10lacTdow28DImoOepcz?usp=sharing

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    2. Ryou


      The links work great this time. Thanks again.

    3. 00124577
    4. Ryou


      Bathory is technically far removed from the original character she's based of off, which is why i'm torn between leaving her listed as an "edit" in the mmmmachi thread or starting a new thread for her altogether.

  6. Hi i would like to say that the mugen link of the characters have a password problem because i would like mainly to laura vampire not only her password problem, it's been a while since i tried, if you can solve the problem i appreciate it

    1. Ryou


      The author changed the password, and i have no clue what the new password is. Can't help you there, sorry.

    2. 00124577


      Thanks for the update

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