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  1. Another fine additions. Also, assuming these characters you've posted are made by you, they've been credited to you proper. 😉 Thanks for the notice.
  2. Oh whoops, that was my mistake. The incorrect link should be replaced with the proper one now.
  3. These are called character files, they're meant to be downloaded, added to your MUGEN game and then be played as. Here's a handy article explaining how this magic works.
  4. Added 'em. I see....should I relocate him next to O Ilu's The Spider, or ditch him altogether, then?
  5. Oh, I've somehow confused KOFA and ToSix together. That one's on me. Fixed.
  6. Wow. What an obscure bunch, I actually had to look up who they are. Kudos for finding these, tako.
  7. All SF characters by Felicity, now hosted on my MEGA. Thanks in no small part to @Disins for finding them :P.
  8. Thinking of starting a new collection.....



  9. THE ARMPIT COLLECTION Note: This collection is an ongoing project and is open to every contributions. Are you looking for an extensive list of armpit-baring female characters to fill your recently-downloaded N.O.A Screenpack? This thread is here to be your aid. Enjoy! Click on the images to download! PREVIEW AND DOWNLOAD BLUE MARY FF3: Sekirei [FF3] || Belial & Clayton [KOF2k2UM / XI] KOF: ActJapan [KOF '99] || ActJapan [KOF 2001] || ActJapan [KOF 2002] || ActJapan & Kjha [KOF 2k2UM] || Ehnyd [KOF '98] || Fangke [KOF 2001] || Koopakoot [KOF2k2UM] || MIT [KOF '99 / 2000 / 2001] || Mar [KOF '99] || Ryo2005 [KOF 2002 / ROTD] || ryosdegloria & zonda1523 [KOFXI] || TESTP [KOF '96 / '99 / 2003] || TESTP & 119way [KOF2k2UM / XI] || TESTP & Jerzy [KOFXI] || zzasd [KOF 2002 / Neowave] KOF Maximum Impact: TESTP & Jerzy & Duracelleur [KOFA] || ZadkielMugen [KOF 2k2UM]
  10. Yup. This'll be her temporary home until another collection focusing on characters from movies / TV series gets made.
  11. Tako-bro, you don't know how much of my time you've saved by posting these. I hope I can return the favor some time. 😄
  12. Even a collection comprised of 99% trashy MUGEN conversions deserves a fix, I guess. So uh....enjoy?
  13. Both Mr. Saikyo and Shin Mr. Saikyo by Tugaboy can still be downloaded from my SvC collection, but here are direct links to them for convenience :p. Mr. Saikyo / Shin Mr. Saikyo
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