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  1. grabbing the update now, make her however you want rimu, besides...complaints about 250 power per hyper? anyone can change that power requirement it's easy.
  2. super cancel? welp im sold, she's already a challenging character to begin with. downloading
  3. it's my birthday, huzzah!
    now where's the cake at? (jk)

  4. turning 31 in 9 days, feels good even though people say your getting old, i never seem to feel old.


    let's hope some awesome characters get released on may 16th!

    1. Jewel men10
    2. wicloud


      i saw that episode, but not everyone changes to that mental manner, my mind has always given interests in many things. 

  5. very nice! i've been hoping she'd get completed.....now to delete the tomoka with the saltybet ai...
  6. ahh im sorry, i didn't know, plus im used to saying dude a lot.
  7. Wow he's tall! Here's a pic for ya dude.
  8. after asking for advice from a pro animator who works on other content, he has said my animations are janky, and my doodles are poopoo, oddly enough this invigorates me to just try harder, but i was feeling a little sad when i heard this...

    1. Darkflare


      The truth hurts.

    2. koshty


      Hopefully you animations and drawing show your new found invigoration

  9. DL--->http://www.mediafire.com/file/73nn33icoz2v61t/Milla.rar/file :Comments: Finally the final Freedom planet girl is released, made by artur but released through Broders video description...kinda odd artur didn't go and make a direct link to this great creation. anywho i noticed she has tails.exe as a base and she's able to throw out a little mouse looking robot, i don't think that's part of milla's moveset but i will say it works! i actually like it! not only that but Milla's moveset is really good artur did a great job giving her style many variations. I'd highly recommend downloading her.
  10. Video-->http://www.nicozon.net/watch/sm34526350 DL-->https://ux.getuploader.com/Ajin/download/106 Comments| im just now giving him a try, his AI doesn't turn on automatically though and he looks good
  11. i dunno to be honest....i looked around for a zoom and didn't see any....that would usually say she's 1.1 only. if for some reason she don't work on 1.0 tell me and i'll add it to the title.
  12. to turn off her auto AI simply change this from a 1 to a 0 as seen here [State -1, AI起動] type = VarSet triggerall = !ishelper trigger1 = 1 var(57) = 0;1…AI常時起動0…常時起動しない<--------------------------or make it a 1 if you wanna see her beat people up with projectiles.
  13. Videolink: http://www.nicozon.net/watch/sm34503612 Download link: https://onedrive.live.com/?id=7110B138A0C285BF!107&amp;cid=7110B138A0C285BF Comments AI is spammy, default level is 6 but can be altered in option.txt within her file has a non-nude strip KO....you just see a big portrait of her in her bra and undies
  14. wait..are you wanting to convert a jpg into a format for fighter factory? also, it's best to make them, those hours of effort are not for nothing. as far as programs that do this sorta thing...i don't know any. but i do recommend you try to make your own animations and sprites first and see if you can find ways to shorten the worktime.
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