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  1. An update to All of my own characters https://mega.nz/#!6FkEyCzQ!rHRD3vq5qISa4IOKUIlBmG9ld0XnZZjMDTi6wihC6v0 there is a whole lot of bugfixes and little tweaks and i dont remember most of them lol
  2. Just because i havent seen her added yet here is her download both pack and standalone
  3. release of Luce + Updates to my chars + edits of Dissidia's chars for compatibility https://mega.nz/#!3Uki3YrK!qII-L8FSYGjAgH-FrQyTi4g3hPtlSUdmfmfY7bbqEWE
  4. WARNING Has Flatulence/Farts This is the pack that has all my updated 8 marbles chars including edits of Dissidia's chars (with permission) for compatibilty Download Pack This is Luce Alone she also has a movelist includef Download Luce Any Bugs or Glitches that are found please tell me so i can update them
  5. The Final Version of Strip fighter 4 has 24 Chars there is also Strip Fighter 5 with 12 chars but it's still early so it might get updated and i might make a char from either games after the one i am currently working on So suggestions are welcome
  6. Mononoke made by Koshty (ay that's me) She is a zoner character that summons demons edits are welcome as long as you credit me Download Link https://mega.nz/#!jE1lnQBQ!XdtMrfBmFmFRGz3e5p3z16rOc-_XUBSbP3IVgvXfJjg
  7. Probably because your char isnt moving to begin with try changing the velset and also screenbound needs to be on both players to work also who is your character
  8. well she is my first char and i appreciate any criticism of her an experienced person could give and if you want to tell it to me on discord or anywhere you want to really
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