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  1. Arcadboy (& Edits) Collection Sit down before watching. This thread is about our favorite boy Jesse and his self-inserts. White - Normal by the standards of this collection Yellow - Cheap/Brutal Red - Offline Cartoon Arcadboy: arcadboy (arcadboy/Timote95/Jango/Jesuszilla) - Edit by furfang40X || Jesse Beaudry (arcadboy) || Baby Arcadboy (marcioleo123) || Aracdboy (Coockie900) Chibi Arcadboy: arcadboy (arcadboy) || This Chars LOL Cheap Arcadboy (arcadboy) || symbolism Arcadboy (arcadboy)
  2. So, me and Viola (also known as osneza1) as "Blood Idol Duet" are present him to you! ;---- I know that we are released him at 11th January, but later I decide to upload him here for critique and "lessons about what to not do with the future characters". Well, probably the most of you gonna ask me about the origin of Goodie Trex, and yes, he isn't good. I hope you're not gonna be so upset or angry about it. Goodie Trex is still a joke character. If you really don't like it, be angry on me, because that was my idea, not Viola's idea. ;---- Goodie Tre
  3. Hi, guys. My birthday was yesterday and I had released a character on that day. He's the joke character, but he has some immature language, his person's base isn't really good, and it makes me feel scared about publishing him here.
    Is this okay to public such a character here?

    1. Jansen121


      What years are you doing now?

    2. jo19sh92


      I mean, there's nothing wrong with making a shoddy character, but understand this... as more and more "top ranking" people participate in these communities, the demand for better and better creations will continue to skyrocket, so even "basic" creations or "incomplete" work is often frowned upon with such a high disdain. In other words, while there's nothing wrong with starting from bare bones, expect a lot of negative criticism from people who produce work that becomes almost unmatched.

  4. I'm from Russia, so I hope my topic won't be such a pain for your eyes. I'm not good at english, but I can speak in simple sentences. I'm creator of joke characters, like Joseph Stalin, and joke edits, like Arcade Kung Fu Man. They are still need some improvement, but I have other ideas for now. ;- I like many old-school and soviet cartoons, wearing and making specific things, and collecting joke edits and funny-to-play characters. ;- I hope my future topics wouldn't be so bad in grammar aspect and I will find new friends on this site. I wish you a great day, my d
  5. Привет, как Ваши дела?
    "making a great status update's diversity, lol"

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