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  1. Brergrsart updated Shotoclown cuase Fortnite https://mega.nz/file/5ltFnCyK#8L_xkyPb-GIhYoM0a9AdgWdl4tDUIqQMu0zikDgMtyE
  2. Oh i kown that, He just use code from POTS's own chars and puts them on the base kfm, edits it and bam Chuchoryu chars in a nutshell. but i dont kown how the non Chuchoryu ones plays.
  3. Anyway, what gameplay style are the resprited characters
  4. Yameteoke's is at it again with the PMMM based edits as he made a Jagi edit that look like Mami Edit: here's the link https://mega.nz/file/fiRRmKIK#Q1ADcb1a-l1fGja2vH9-nUxm-xVUCE5Rp839UDBGOmM
  5. Yeah, it just a KOF edit of Ennki's ver (Not KOFM just KOF) Edit: the KOF edit of Ennki's Neo Decade has the Zi-O opening (or at least a variant that's was made when Heisei Generations Forever was still in theaters) as it arcade intro. (i didn't use the char, i just fuond it on the other vid by the youtuber who did the vid 101superjk put up (Asato Kido) made).
  6. They are probly the same guy, also the char's ai only.
  7. I am Zack, I use mugen for fun.
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