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  1. FX commisioned by MotorRoach & Hotctime.
  2. Forgot to post this. A title screen design, it isn't programmed or anything (I could do it already tho). Just wanted to throw some music with it. (In case I commission for a certain music style :P) -Colors used are from the palette of one of my main characters. -Ink, pen & font identifies her as a writer/novelist. -Vines and roses reference the shape that her power usually manifests as. The idea is basically to have 3 logos, each one styled for each one of my main characters.
  3. Forest_Cabin2a.png

    Dreaded Rose.

  4. Update* Took a bit to go back to this one.
  5. Lately I've had more free time so I've been taking commissions for Backgrounds, FX & single sprites. I won't take character animations because it feels like I'd burn out pretty quickly for chars that aren't mine. Also, I don't truly follow character styles, other than a sort of own custom style, so if you want a character sprite, refer to the first page to find more or less the style you will be getting. Price depends of complexity and level of detail you want, estimated range goes from $50 USD to $500 USD for BGS. Need to talk with me before I can set a price. Have in
  6. Time to go indie.

    1. Vocalnoid


      Is it me, or are you like the Santa Claus of stage making or something? XD

  7. Arias


    -Original concept, original graphics, original everything (one of the locations of my world). -850x480, character localcoord = 420,240 -Music by Peter Crowley DL: https://sites.google.com/site/thepuppetofthemagus/mugen/misc-stages/stages
  8. Originally planned to draw the judgement hall but I lost half of it, so instead of re-making the missing parts I decided to turn it into one of the locations of my world. The city of Belus or demons'/Aethereals' city.
  9. huKqgyl.png


    1. jo19sh92


      That is such a gorgeous stage, like holy crap.

  10. A bit of side illustration I made for worldbuilding.




    Scene's mood:


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    2. Nep Heart

      Nep Heart

       That's cool, I love doing that stuff myself, although I haven't really messed around with my own settings in a while ever since I got distracted with MUGEN creation. However, since I plan to slow down and go on break after Reimu, I very likely will get back into the groove of it. The sketches I post are some of the characters I have, although I do have a lot more.

    3. FaZe Dank

      FaZe Dank

      What's worldbuilding? Is it some kind of genre of MUGEN stages or something new?

    4. Arias


      It means constructing people, places, situations, etc... to develop stories for novels or games.


      @Nep Heart I've seen the sketches, they're pretty good, should try some coloring.

  11. It's occupied Haven't finished the design for this one, but got the general description, in the meanwhile I drew a fight scene for him vs Arya. Ferdinand Bassett
  12. Collabo. GDM/Me









    1. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Wow!! This Looks So Amazing, Yo! This Stage Looks So Peaceful But At The Same Time Dangerous! I Can Really Picture Some Great Fights On This Stage! Awesome Stage Collab, Aℓίcℯ & GDM! ⊂(▀¯▀⊂)

  13. character design inspired from the song "Shiroi/It's White" by Malice Mizer. Aryanell Amadea Blanc
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