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  1. A Real tutorial not just AI switch https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdEQ2Uq3HHrYiwTY2Mma6IL7EHi1asLkq
  2. just anim the BG slowly like... this one
  3. I don't understand you question but i guess you are using mugen 1.1 + 16:9 since you mentioned screen cut and zoom right? if the screen ratio is 16:9 it will cut this is mugen design. to overcome it you need my style of stage i named it true wide screen format stages. you can google it.
  4. there 3 version of mugen winmugen (old) no 16:9 support Mugen 1.0 (a bit old) some 16:9 support Mugen 1.1b (latest) full 16:9 support + full color picture if a character or a stage or a screen pack should tell you which mugen it need and screen ration if nothing is told default guess is winmugen
  5. OK Let me try here is my website and all my work [url]https://beterwork.hopto.org/mugen/[/url]
  6. basicly he is doing what I'm doing , convert good stage into 16:9 ratio.something make by my own. thanks for the INFO is this Daniel only active on youtube?
  7. True widescreen Stage - School playground from - [ Dengeki Bunko - Crossving void ] True widescreen Stage - Fantasy Ruins from - [ Dengeki Bunko - Crossving void ] Again this one is to return the favor from @Resentone maybe this is my best stage work, heavily infuenced by Hakugyokurou 3D by Margatroid. now I fully understand why Margatroid want to use scanline, since parallex's object can't do y delta right. but scanline is too hard for me and too heavy for my low end PC. 🙂 Please enjoy it. Require Mugen 1.1 with OpenGL looped music. no need to scale down characters Check the video, picture won't tell you everything. Try check my channel on odysee: https://odysee.com/@BeterWork:e/Mugen-true-widescreen-Stage---Fantasy-Ruins-from-----Dengeki-Bunko---Crossving-void--:b Download link: https://beterwork.hopto.org
  8. haha looks like you put some extra stuff on your own web site I've made a tutorial out of her [ Mugen Tutorial ] How to make an AI only character controllable by human, and less cheap
  9. you'd better choose a char you like to start, no a character I like. BTW I searched youtube there is not a single real AI tutorial there, all is how to add the old AI on/off switch used in WIN mugen. not actual AI
  10. well random moves, and combos that have in their .cmd (it's not random) your goal is contradict with each other. the best way is you open a character with a "Decent AI" in your standard and look at one move, how it's done and try to understand it. after you understand the code you write your 1st attack with single move on a single condition then attack with single move on a 2 conditions then 3 conditions... etc... this is how to write AIs.... no easy magical way.....
  11. Yes and NO Yes make a AI OK, just code 2 -3 lines make AI can attack with single move on a single condition.. and it will be quite dumb and boring.. No. make AI able to react correctly and smart like a Pro player? study the real human pro player (1 month) study the coding (a few years) think every possible way in every possible condition and tweak your code for at least 3 month.
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