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  1. The last time I played Blazblue I swear I saw Kokonoe
  2. Kokonoe is also now in the game! You can add OHMYSBY's Kokonoe.
  3. I get what's "Unlimited Makoto" now, It's just Makoto but with different palletes.
  4. Some of my characters' portraits appear small, while others appear large.
  5. What is Unlimited Makoto in Devilpp's char?
  6. Like saying "Counter" "Battle Start" "Round 1" something like these.
  7. I want to make the stage position to a higher value because the camera angle is too low, and want to make it wide. What to change in the def file?
  8. I LOVE THIS COLLECTION! Edit: Do this collection is still updated or not?
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