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  1. Yeah I noticed he's fun to play as but his AI tends to spam certain moves and can be a bit cheap at times and hard to beat.
  2. This should make my arcade runs more interesting. Thanks for the upload!
  3. Lmfao Ryoucchi I need to download this stage now!
  4. I love bonus stages popping up in the middle of my arcade runs. In my opinion, they help make every arcade run a bit less samey and more interesting. Anybody got a personal favorite bonus stage that they always hope will come up sometime during an arcade run? Mine are Biohazard (Resident Evil zombie horde basically) and the NES Super Mario bonus stage. (Sorry if this topic has been brought up a thousand times already)
  5. Dear Santa, I will give you the blood of my firstborn child if you give me Miss America Chavez. I gotta learn how to make sprites and not be a lazy fuck so I can just make her myself.
  6. I'm kind of the same way. I remember Marvel VS Capcom for the PS1. It was my first official fighter using the same engine (or at least similar) as Mugen. I remember loving that game because I could mix Marvel and Capcom characters. Now I'm spoiled by Mugen's limitless amount of options and choices for characters and stages.You just can't go back after you've watched Fat Albert and a Pikachu kick the shit out of Superman in a Macy's store. Try explaining that last line to someone who has never played Mugen before. XD
  7. Rock Volnutt (Megaman Volnutt from Megaman Legends) by MAITAKE is pretty well balanced in my opinion and great for people who aren't too experienced at Mugen. He's very easy to use but isn't insanely powerful or cheap.
  8. Just tried out The_None's Giygas boss. It's now my new favorite. It's interesting because it's not like the other 50 or so Gigyas boss characters, it's specifically made to be weird and a bit unnerving (It mostly floats around and makes moaning sounds and other depressing noises) and even a bit creepy if you fight it in the right stage. It's not insanely difficult especially or anything like that but it still earns alot of points for creativity and great design. This is just my opinion of course. I still love having Final by Andres Borghi show up during Arcade runs.
  9. The characters from Newgrounds Rumble would be really cool. Just recently replayed that classic flash game. Some of the fighters (if not all of them) would be perfect for Mugen. I'm especially fond of Picanjo
  10. Giygas by The_None. Although to be fair his Intro itself isn't too creepy, but it is really creepy whenever you lose (or win) and see nothing but white text in all caps saying "LOOK BEHIND YOU." or some other random unnerving phrase. Overall the whole character is pretty creepy especially when played on the right stage.
  11. Nice. I love Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Radio Future. Shit, now I wanna dig up my original xbox and play some JSRF...
  12. Symbiote Galactus and Symbiote Onslaught both tear me apart half the time. Still haven't beaten Symbiote Galactus yet. Pretty sure anything mixed with a symbiote is gonna be tough as all hell.
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