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    Trying to get private games and characters so I can archive them. Current targets: Dreamshatter Rondo, Ricepigeon's old character versions.
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  1. Oh, he's still a thing that exists? I thought he "left" the MUGEN scene a year or so ago. Guess he's just still lurking around and trying to keep his ego afloat. Anyways, like I said, he has a massive ego and thinks that everything he makes is gold, but they're all filled with all sorts of jank and stuff. Not to mention he hunts down anyone who even dares to remake stuff with his name on it. He's also got a vore fetish, but let's not say anything else.
  2. Wow, you really are a master collector, tako.
  3. There's still dead MEGA links here.
  4. Well, I do have Mot on me, so I've uploaded him. https://www.mediafire.com/file/doun0w1o69a3eju/mt.rar/file
  5. Hm..this place is quite in disarray. Here's a few things that are off. -Mot's download link leads to the forbidden archive, so a replacement link is needed. -Hisame's P1 Hero recently (like almost a year ago) reached 1.00 and is massively overhauled, so a new link (and icon) should be needed for him. -Tigergoods released a P5 Joker a while ago as well, and here it is: https://www.mediafire.com/file/bvmwk762zll9lwr/Joker_P5_%28tigergoods%29.zip/file (It's just a really janky Dante spriteswap, which kind of makes sense TBH). That's all I got so far.
  6. Why are you still here? You're supposed to be dead. Leave and take your collections with you. 

  7. And it will be as long as we're looking at that. You should probably remove it before Kouya tries to take it down.
  8. It seems that I've been also banned so I joined into the hellpit that is MUGEN Archive hatred.
  9. Kouya also made an "edit" of Sho Minazuki name 8296/Sakamoto-san many months ago. Link here: https://t.co/WbUu8Q16Zu?amp=1
  10. Oh yeah. Warner's back with some nice-looking sprites.
  11. A lot of them ARE on the MUGEN Archive, actually, so I do guess someone could rehost them.
  12. What happened to your avatar?

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