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Super Mario Bros.


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This may seem small, but I still have a ton of other Mario characters in my roster. Compiling the missing ones here would just take up the time lmao

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Added :


Mario by 70

Mario (Kart Fighter) by Alexander Williams Mugen

MamaLuigi by xXP236GlitzXx

Mr. L (Kart Fighter) by Alexander Williams Mugen

Dry Bowser by Rodita

Bowser by xXPGlitz236

Wario by xXPGlitz236

Wario by GooGoo64

Wario (Kart Fighter) by Alexander Williams Mugen

Waluigi by xXP236GlitzXx

Waluigi (Kart Fighter) by Alexander Williams Mugen

Daisy (Kart Fighter) by Alexander Williams Mugen

Toad by xXP236GlitzXx

Toad by Starplatinum4658

Toadette by (Kart Fighter) by Alexander Williams Mugen

Toadette by xXP236GlitzXx

Toadette by KinopicoKirby

Toadette by Hugespongebob98

Hammer Bro (Kart Fighter) by Alexander Williams Mugen

Birdo (Kart Fighter) by Alexander Williams Mugen

Clubba by Joey Faust

Crazee Dayzee by Joey Faust

Cloudy by Joey Faust

Boomboxer by SummitIsCool2000

Dark Boomboxer by SummitIsCool2000

Wiggler by GooGoo64

Thwomp by RGM

Sushie by Joey Faust

Lady Bow by Joey Faust

Parakarry by Joey Faust

Kooper by Joey Faust

Mallow by Takazaki

Popple & Rookie by SansTheSkeleton

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My old alias of "MLGPoliwhirl" was misspelt here as "MLGPloywhirl".


I also plan on "re-releasing" my old SNES Mario for the sake of the collection because of its original MediaFire link being taken down, but I'm not sure when I'm going to do that.

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I was editing my collection earlier, and then suddenly my browser quit and all the data up to that point was lost!!!!!!!!! Damn it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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On 7/24/2021 at 10:46 AM, tako said:


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