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  1. added : Toad by Hugespongebob98 SML Mario by SauRou SML Rosalina by SauRou Mario.exe by 9-VoltTheGamer Princess Shokora by StarPlatnum4658
  2. Mach Rider by Camren Springer MachSuminI(UPDATED) (mediafire.com) Corderia (Panel de Pon) by ZGP Corderia (mediafire.com) Wii U by The Smithey Rules Teh Purle Rock TSRTPR_WiiU (mediafire.com) Wii U by Guilherme Barbui Moraes Lee (Yie Ar Kung Fu) by NRF Lee10 (mediafire.com) Rocky Rodent by cesarsombra ROCKY_RODENT (mediafire.com) Balloon Fighter by Camren Springer BalloonFighterSuminI (mediafire.com) Starfy by Sumin_fan64 StarfySuminI (mediafire.com) Starfy by bakisimu starfy_0411 (mediafire.com) Starly by Sumin_fan64 StarlySuminI (mediafire.com) isaac by orbots isaac (mediafire.com) Will (Illusion Of Gaia) by Fatherdragon williog (mediafire.com) Freedan (Illusion of Gaia) by Fatherdragon FREEDANIOG (mediafire.com) Star Man (Pro Wrestling) by KingPepe
  3. Sabrina by Jamesx15 Sabrina (mediafire.com) Cinderace by MrBastMugen cinderace (mediafire.com)
  4. Chorus Kids by FourthRhyme ChorusKids_April_Fools_ (mediafire.com) Karate Joe by lampoilropebombs Karate_Joe (mediafire.com) Isabelle by Mugen_Man64 IsabelleSuminI (mediafire.com) Saki Amamiya by Camren Springer SakiSuminI (mediafire.com) Shulk by Megaman shulk (mediafire.com) Flipnote Frog by Sniffles1995 FlipnoteFrog_V8_30 (mediafire.com) Nintendo Switch by Makaibros/Weobros nintendoswitchv16_d0752 (mediafire.com) Nintendo DS by Tukimoon NDS (mediafire.com) dillon by orbots dillon (mediafire.com) excitebiker by by orbots exitebiker (mediafire.com) bulborb by orbots BULBORB (mediafire.com)
  5. Megumin by Entah 99 Link 1: Link 2: Megumin (mediafire.com)
  6. Sorry for the delay in replying. As you may already know, the author of the original thread has disappeared from this site. See this for details. added : Jotaro Over Heaven
  7. Pit (JUS) by Planeptune Arte & AAgus Palutena by orbots palutena (mediafire.com) DarkPit by J.NEWMAN DarkPit (mediafire.com) Magnus by orbots magnus (mediafire.com) Isabelle by Tyren and these 3 3 Isabelle (mediafire.com) Rover by Tortimer Rover (mediafire.com) Inkling by Mr Seek Inkling (mediafire.com) Inkling by Camren Springer InklingSI (mediafire.com) Marina by Alexander Marina (mediafire.com) shulk by orbots shulk (mediafire.com) Pyra by IdioticFool Pyra (mediafire.com) Rex & Pyra by Camren Springer RexPyra_CamrenSp (mediafire.com) Springman by Camren Springer SpringmanSI (mediafire.com)
  8. I haven't forgotten about it, but I've moved it to a more obvious location.
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