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  1. Hey, this version of dragoon with the UMVC3 template is something new especially with the moving animation with one of his supers. I love it and I wanted to find and thank the person who did such a phenomenal job with this character. I really love using this version over the Mvc1 version

  2. There is a new Chill Penguin edit Labeled as RMM, plays like an MvC character

  3. @tokamina you mean King Ghidorah_EX, that's snowwolfs, and it's very powerful
  4. Hey, not to cause trouble for people but two stages you created, ruin resistance and "the Caravan" got uploaded yesterday by kater15. Just thought I'd let you know.

    1. OldGamer


      is okay that what happen when you share Open Source Release to the mugen community public and there nothing we can do to stop that, We cant control what people do specially that its coming from Mugen Archive. no matter what happen people going to continue to Upload Mugen Content from any Warehouse Website and there no law stating what they do on the Ethernet. when uploading and sharing mugen content

  5. I was absent yesterday, my internet connection was out all day from 7 a.m to 6:47 p.m

  6. As I said, I did try leafwing skullcrawler and cyber Godzilla, loved the flying attacks with leafwing and the Ally summons with cyber Godzilla. Even though I have trouble registering blackking and tyrant_A by hand in the def file, I still love the creations you come up with.

    1. Kirbey


      Thank you !! I will continue to do my best.  

      What do Black King and Tyrant mean?

    2. Richard 89

      Richard 89

      Ah, upon seeing that question I did search up the names of those two. I was wrong, bakisumo did them even though it was a little while back since I dl'd them.

  7. @tako there's a Bowser that you forgot to add... One minute. Gotta go to file manager can't add it from here Edit ok got it here's what you needed https://www.mediafire.com/file/fqjrj1ha8grawas/Koopa.rar/file It's a Bowser file, Author MugenX
  8. Ok remember the character I had in my last two profile cover photos? Well I thought I'd go ahead and put him on here as my other upload since I mentioned I'd put 2 characters before I stopped to save what memory I have left. Now, he plays sorta like a smash character, since the sfx from smash Bros. Melee is in there and he has a grab which can be used in down, right, up and left to throw your opponent the opposite way. His intro involves his little brother Ike. However if struck by a really strong attack like an uppercut or a claw swipe by a beast character, he goes flying upward as a star k.o (Team Rocket: were blasting off again!) https://www.mediafire.com/file/9qbaxmbgjmm0zpy/KyleSuminI.zip/file Warning: just like the show, he has foul language. Author name is someone who uses "me" in their name.
  9. I downloaded this stage earlier today, I listened to the original soundtrack, but I didn't like the music so I used a different one...the one from the remake of secret of mana, together always-went very good with it. Anyway thanks for making this stage, I was looking for something like this scenery but could never find it.
  10. We're you working on Leafwing? Well I just seen it was on "that" site  Sainxt uploaded it

    1. Kirbey
    2. Richard 89

      Richard 89

      Ah okay so they're finished. Skullcrawler and Leafwing look pretty cool even cyber godzilla, I think I'll try those three.

  11. There's now one of the classic he-man villains, trap-jaw on the blacklisted site

  12. I'd like to reply to you on that last part, he was working at M.A but he did make his retirement official, if you'd like I can get you some of his farewells... Edit: His retirement was back in June, but I haven't seen him post there lately
  13. I'm uploading yet another beast, this time it's Matatabi since he's not on here. Also about any of the other Naruto nine tailed beasts, whether they're mugenized? Yes! They're available to play but they're not on here however. I leave the task of the other nine tailed beasts like Kurama, and Kyuubi to others who can still upload characters. https://www.mediafire.com/file/un6nhdrlxuzebhm/G6_Matatabi.rar/file Here's the file, it's by CobraG6
  14. Ok, running short on my Android tab's memory so I'll upload two more characters before I stop to save on the memory I have left. 

  15. Wow. In a sense I have the same values, I too don't expect to take credit for everything. But honestly I don't view anyone as pathetic, that's one thing I don't go for. There's more than meets the eye in some cases He's being very truthful about Nintendo's methods when it comes to taking credit about something. They're very sensitive about characters of theirs being "borrowed".
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