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  1. I still have to update my characters. MHP Doremi is close to be finished and MHP Sakura has optimizations.

  2. Apparently the 000webhost admins decided to delete my website for no reason.


    I'll be re-uploading my creations somewhere else when I get the time to.

    1. Nep Heart

      Nep Heart

      Late, but owie. Sucks that it happened out of nowhere. I suppose OneDrive is always a reliable way to keep link to your creations alive at least.

  3. This is the stage for Sakura, May and Amiko on MHP. Includes soundtrack and zoom for Mugen 1.1. (Stage also works on Winmugen and Mugen 1.0, but no zoom.) Download: https://xkinomoto.000webhostapp.com/
  4. I completely forgot about this. Thanks for reminding me about that. 😅
  5. Some attacks depend on characters (most likely the ones with very different yaccel), and all of the movements she has are all from the original game, nothing customized. Updates (7/28/2019) (M/DD/YYYY):
  6. Could you add my Sakura from Magical Heroines plus! (2nd)? Link: http://xkinomoto.000webhostapp.com/
  7. Could you add my Sakura Kinomoto here? https://xkinomoto.000webhostapp.com/chars.html
  8. I'm releasing my second MHP character (the first one was Doremi Harukaze). This time it's Sakura Kinomoto, from the anime Cardcaptor Sakura. She has four palettes, six level 1 supers, a level 3 hyper, AI, etc. Compatible with 04,14,2002 or superior. Screenshots: Command-list is called "readme.html" Download her at https://xkinomoto.000webhostapp.com/
  9. He sure is very cheap, he keeps spamming a bus.
  10. I'm glad you're using my Mizuki for your custom MUGEN game. I tried to make her as accurate as possible to QOH99, but I'm still updating her and keeping her 99 style (no 2001, I'll do that for her cosplay version from QOH2K1).
  11. Kuroneko isn't a character in the game, it's an edit someone made for MUGEN.
  12. Magical Heroines plus! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I've edited Tokinokuni-kei's MHP Princess Comet, just added a few details to it and AI changes. Compatible with Winmugen 06,14,2003 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Screenshots: If you find any bugs, please let me know. You can get her at https://x
  13. What's the stage's name? (old video i found then reuploaded)
  14. Hey, I just wanted to say that this stage is also missing (I don't know if it actually was EXShadow who made it, just saying because it looks similar to his stages). This video is not mine, I just saved it then re-uploaded it, it's originally from 2011. The stage looks like the one called Dimension Castle.
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