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  1. (WIP) Inkling Boy

    Hello Folks. Since this forum is back in business, I think it's time to let out a new WIP It's Inkling Boy from Splatoon Since there's not a single Inkling Characters in MUGEN, so me and the rest of the MUGEN-X-Splatoon Group are gonna make it happen. This Character has a different gameplay compare to the CS-X-TBM Characters and has different modes. Melee Mode and Shooter Mode Gameplay Buttons =Melee Mode= A - Light Attack (Press 3x for Combo like in Super Smash Bros., can also cancel to mid attack) B - Mid Attack (can cancel to Hard Attack) C - Heav Attack X - Switch Mode Y - Hold to change to Squid Form (Charges Ink/Power) Z - Dodge =Shooter Mode= A - Shoot B - Shoot Diagonal Up (Diagonal Down in Aerial) C - Shoot Up (Down in Aerial) X - Switch Mode Y - Hold to change to Squid Form (Charges Ink/Power) Z - Dodge Click the word Progress below to see what we have done so far. PROGRESS
  2. (WIP) Inkling Boy

    Well, Mazaku hasn't been updating the Inkling Boy Sprite for oh so long. Prehaps you like you give a da note to him by the name of Score-Board.
  3. Courage the Cowardly Dog


  5. Melty Blood Rolecall Match #21 - Sion Eltnam Atlasia


  6. SUPER SMASH BROS. MUGEN (MUGEN 1.1 ONLY) Super Smash Bros. Mugen is a Mugen Project with the Super Smash Bros Gameplay, almost like the removed winmugen project "Super Smash Bros. Showdown" by MUGENHunter. But this Smash Bros Mugen is made by K.Y-Shanxi, the same author that made the cheap Bowser Character. SCREENSHOT VIDEO TRAILER However the only characters there is are Boswer, Ness, and Kung Fu Man. So hopefully there will be Characters that will be comming. ----- For those who don't know how to convert characters ----- CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER NINTENDO ALL STARS MARIO LINK YOSHI FOX PIKACHU HARUKA/MAY LUIGI edited by TheFclass97 THIRD-PARTY/SPECIAL GUEST FIGHTERS AMY ROSE MARISA KIRISAME ATARIMAN edited by Stocking Rose made by Sonicrulez10 SMASH BROS. LAWL FIGHTERS (PARODY COMMERS) COMING SOON STAGES OpenGL only DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE STAGE DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO GET SUPER SMASH BROS. MUGEN CHARACTER SETTINGS TUTORIAL This video is made by Penguin9354 INDICATION RED = Contains Bugs RULES -I don't accept characters and stages that has Blood, Gore, any other mature contents- -Farting is not allowed (except Wario)-
  7. TBM Mugen Match #401 - Fulgore (me) vs. Panty Anarchy 


    Explict Language

  8. Melty Blood Rolecall Match #20 - White Len


  9. I now have Discord!

    But first, you must tell me why you want to chat with me on discord, and then I'll send you my Discord name via message.

    1. AstroInkling45


      Because you're an awesome friend to have! I even like your Greninja!

  10. TBM Text Log - September 15, 2017



    And I survived Hurricane Irma!

    1. AstroInkling45


      Congratulations, dude! :D

    2. NootNoot64


      Thank god, i'm so glad that you survived the hurricane :onion_yay_by_7anime7drawer7:

    3. Xiristatos


      Not the least bit surprised

  12. Hurricane Irma is coming to hit Florida. I hope you all to wish me luck.

    1. AstroInkling45
    2. NootNoot64


      Good luck, my inkiling boy

    3. TMC55


      I wish you luck man, as someone who grew up in Florida I'm sad to hear about the news. I have family down there as well. Hope you make it through safe.

  13. I'm back. and I'm going to have an appointment tomorrow.

  14. I going to be off to my aunt's house at Fort Lauderdale.

    I'll be back in 2 days.
    (I still be here on my mobile.)

    1. RobotMonkeyHæd


      Sweet, enjoy that beautiful Florida weather!

    2. VTH223


      I land in fort Lauderdale for my next plane to Colombia.... well good luck :)

  15. Glad you like it. cause I made that palette. :)
  16. Courage the Cowardly Dog

    That's awesome! It's a shame that we can't upvote or downvote on topics anymore.
  17. Hello folks, let me introduce you to the Collab Character... Kuki Sanban (NUMBUH 3) from Codename Kids Next Door (This was suggested by WlanmaniaX) Please note that I'm only doing a few of those sprites so If you want to assist me to make few of the sprite progresses for me as well, Click Here Oh and send me a PM when you're done. =Sprite Contributed= WlanmaniaX TuffTony RMaster007 Shimmering Brony (AKA ToonAlexSora007) =Future Coding= ??? =Updates so far= Stance Running H.I.P.P.I.E.-H.O.P. Hyper Waiting Walking Animal Transformation Inspired from Operation: H.A.M.S.T.E.R. Final Memory: JAM Sprite Contributation by WlanmaniaX and edited by me. Fire Kuki Hyper Inspired from Operation: H.O.T.S.T.U.F.F. Victory Victory 2 Inspired from the Original Artwork Pose Kuki Reaper Victory Inspired from the cameo from Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy: Big Boogie Adventure Sprite Contributation by WlanmaniaX and edited by me. Ponified Kuki Sprite Contributation by Shimmering Brony (ToonAlexSora007)
  18. (WIP) Kuki Sanban (Numbuh 3)

    I agree. Other than that, it looks good thus far. All it takes is a trial and error.
  19. Yo! Roy!



    Look at this!


    1. RoySquadRocks


      NO FUCKING WAY!!!! :omg:

    2. thebestmlTBM


      Yup. A trailer for Shantae in Super Smash Bros. Crusade.

      Just to show, they're not dead.

  20. (WIP) Kuki Sanban (Numbuh 3)

    OK the last Pony sprite was by WlanmaniaX The real deal is right here The Sprite Sheet has been updated (and this is the last sprite sheet update) =Ponified Kuki has been updated and replaced with Shimmering Brony's Version
  21. I'm happy to announce that the Kuki Sanban Sprite Sheet for MUGEN is finished.


    All thanks to the following contributors




    Shimmering Brony (AKA ToonAlexSora007)

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    2. thebestmlTBM


      I'll do that when  jengra is finished with the coding of her.

      (If he's worthy enough that is.)

    3. WlanmaniaX


      There's some sprites that need to be added:


      -Upwards G.U.M.Z.O.O.K.A (like you did with T.H.U.M.P.E.R)

      -Special Intros against any dogs and Numbuh One (hopefully)

      -Hit sprites for both Butterfly Suit and Fire Demon hypers

      -Babylity compatible sprites (for Juano16's any Mortal Kombat charactaers)

      -Pac-man compatible sprites (for altoiddealer's Jailbot)

    4. NootNoot64


      Cool thebestmlTBM

      BTW did you saw my hi message?

  22. (WIP) Kuki Sanban (Numbuh 3)

    The Sprite Sheet has been updated. +Ponified Kuki by WlanmaniaX has been added +Dizzy Effects has been added +The Updated Victory 1 has been added but keeping the old one on the side.
  23. Multi Chars - "To Six" Edit Project

    Nice! Welcome back!
  24. (WIP) Kuki Sanban (Numbuh 3)

    So I told TuffTony to post in my final sprite sheet update here (which I gave permission to do so) on my behalf due to the browsing issues which will be coming.
  25. (WIP) Kuki Sanban (Numbuh 3)

    I would but unfortunately I'm on a mobile phone right now cause a thunderstorm came by few days ago and strucked the power off for milliseconds, so I have to turn the PC back on and wait for it to resume (which it sometimes does if I'm lucky) and for some reason I can't go to deviantArt, MFFA, Mugen Multiverse, and any others that I can't go on (shows off the blank screen instead which gets me furious) so I'm afraid you're gonna have to ask Wlanmania.