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Found 770 results

  1. Sonic Mania Blasts From The Past! In 1991, one hedgehog changed the world. And for 25 years, he has collected countless rings. In honor of SEGA's official release of Sonic Mania, the blue blur with a classic, nostalgic twist has finally returned and he's ready to go fast with a blast from the past into MUGEN! This is where the ultimate celebration of past and future begins!
  2. Kung Fu Man becomes a giant and he's ready to stomp on everyone! 😮 Well, probably not an original concept (I guess somebody else has thought or done this before), but it was fun to make it in some hours. It's still a beta and it needs to be fixed (I'd like to make him not vulnerable to target state... ) This character is an edit of the classic KFM: 5 times bigger, 5 times stronger, 5 times slower, 5 times ... dumber. DEMO VIDEO: Check it out (GAMES section) :
  3. We interrupt this character to bring you...... COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG! If you may remember this cartoon from your childhood or when you are grown up to revisit, he is my current character in work in progress! This cartoon was my all-time favourite Cartoon Cartoons growing up, next to Ed, Edd n' Eddy, Samurai Jack and Dexter's Laboratory. Here's the pallete template if you have any ideas: As you may see what's coming, I had those sprites from what I made: Later on, I need to make the video preview of him along with George.
  4. It's been hard days work since I want to keep some effort form my new character, so I present with another Cartoon Network character, Ed! As you may see his demonstration: Do not worry, the video preview will be up there in a few weeks later.
  5. Miku Hatsune Azusa Nakano Ritsu Tainaka Yui Hirasawa Tsumugi Kotobuki Mio Akiyama
  6. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO MFG thread with all the details. This is not just a simple edit like i did before, this R. Mika made by DeathScythe is a full POTS Style char. This is DeathScythe's first char so any feedback are very appreciated. 🙂
  7. So I'm happy that my buddy Celest helped me out with Naoto, so shout out to Celest. Byt what I need help with now is some of the effects. I do have an idea of what to do, but I wanted to be absolutely sure that it was correct so can someone tell me what to do step by step. I really wanna make Naoto a character worth downloading, he deserves it since BBTCB did him dirty. So to be more specific I'm trying to get rid of the backgrounds for the effects specifically the ones on the bottom. As for the Blood Drive Moves. These are only a few examples of what I mean, but if anything I think I might have to gt rid of the colored background. Which is what I' exactly trying to do, but I want to ask if I should photoshop it out or get rid of the background in FF3? Any type of response for this is helpful. I'll make sure to make Naoto a great character to play just like he was in BBCF. Thanks, and shout out to Celest again. Effects: Blood Drive Moves
  8. [PREVIEW] [Download]
  9. =========== | Hyperstorm H |========== I loved to code this. Ramza made those edits a long time ago but I never had time to do it. Sprited By: Ramzaneko (major sprites), O Ilusionista (minor edits), Rage (RMM Big Portrait) Coding: O Ilusionista Mugen: Mugen 1.0 Data: 2018.05.01 Char number: 73 Hyper Storm H (ハイパーストームH Haipā Sutōmu H) is a Robot Masterfrom Mega Man: The Wily Wars based on Zhu Bajie, a character from the Chinese novel Journey to the West. He is the strongest of the three members of the Genesis Unit, but is easily fooled. He's laid back and avoids conflicts between Buster Rod G and Mega Water S. He is one of the largest Robot Masters and the only one to have two energy gauges. =========== | IMAGES |========== =========== | VIDEO |========== ============================== DOWNLOAD: ==============================
  10. Here Comes the New Challenger! Super MaisieMac He's a pretty little plumber from the capital city... Inspired by Siguel's Mario and Luigi Edits Download Him:
  11. +18 Jessica and Claudia for 1.0 new versions..2018 I wrote 2017 because I intended release December 31 2017.. ***all content are NSFW +18..** more Kuromaru,Minotaur,Murakami Mob and Psychoraper Vega compatible..and 1.0 only added winning quotes Jessica got a new HYPER and claudia has Sexy KO.. screenshots those hentai moves only work if the character have the required kuromaru and friends... download:
  12. Yukari Yakumo (Incident Zero style) released (03/22/18) A new version of the youkai of boundaries, Yukari, has been released, this time with a new gameplay style to serve as a demonstration of the upcoming fullgame project, "Touhou: Incident Zero". This version can be found in the new "Incident Zero style" section of the character downloads. Link: First release.
  13. Grand Dad?! One based of a fan game?! It is still a dead meme?! Yep, that is right you special little person, after so long of not working of this character like the dead meme he is, well, he is finally released. Being based off of his appearance in the Grand Dad fan game created by Red-Fire this version of Grand Dad uses many of his weapons from the fan game along with new additions too like Smol Nozomi and even his car! Oh and Bedrock too. You can download him...... Right here!
  14. Hi there guys and girls, it is time to unleash the new WIP which is a BOSS Character Celesteela from Pokemon Sun & Moon AKA UB-04 Blaster This Boss character is going to be based from ether Apocalypse or Red Dragon. =========================================================== UPDATE 12/5/16 PREVIEW SHOWCASE VIDEO by WiCloud735 =========================================================== More updates coming soon!
  15. Following the announcement of "Touhou: Incident Zero" comes the second character in this style; the ordinary magician, Marisa Kirisame. This version can be found in the "Incident Zero style" section of the character downloads. Link: First release.
  16. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO My friend Akito-sama with AVPBoy released his original character. All details in the MFG's original topic.
  17. Like the title says, it's Alice from Asura Buster but with MvC3 gameplay. I was inspired by Brergrsart and his creations (and especially his Vargskelethor MUGEN game) and a bit of The_None as well to get back to MUGEN and make this silly little thing and possibly other silly little things in the future. This particular thing I guess is like Ridiculous Necromancer Girl only not as overpowered and actually sticks more to necromancy as she mainly summons only skeletons and skeleton-related things instead of whatever. And boy howdy, there's a skele-ton of variety of spoops she can summon. Mediafire: Dropbox: AI patch by holn (look for "mvc3_Alice_AI(mugen1.0).zip"):!105&cid=7BB50F9EA9D9BECD Note about the AI patch: I've included and updated it for this version (07/28/2018), so there's no current need to download it separately. The AI patch may get updated in the future after the mentioned date, in which case feel free to download that. And with that, I hope you enjoy my work and I also hope that Joel plays Asura Buster one day.
  18. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD!517&cid=6E75371007E5D7F9 INFO Kawaii-desu ! Ohgaki released the most cutest Lilith on MUGEN! :3 KOF+Darkstalkers-ish Style. Ohgaki surely nailed it!
  19. "Step aside! It's time for Ring Man to do his Ring Thing." Yes, this is a joke character of Ring man to almost act like how he was back in Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch. Also, there's a little hidden easter egg. Think you can find it? Special thanks to Solarflared for making it more of his play style and doing the Boomerang Thing for us. (and by us i mean me and tyren.) Download:
  20. My first collection. I figure I'll create an Extreme Butoden collection while the number of characters is still low. Please give feedback and point me to any characters that I miss. "Characters" refers to characters who are fully playable within the source game, while "Style Characters" refers to characters who are not fully playable within EB but use a sprite-style similar to EB in Mugen. Red names under certain versions mean the character is offline, purple names are for chars that are still alpha/beta/WIP releases. Characters Android 18 Coldskin1, G-Knux19, TheAnswer, Yzan Bardock Boryema, Heal the World, Ryuu, Yzan Beerus 1315579022, comorep677, Helder Santos, HiddenSage121, k6666orochi, Kenshiro99, Kouzyoutyou2621 (Cheap!), LegendTTA, MugenMundo, MugenMundo (Version 2), Nightmare, Okachanman, RAHLONNIR, SckronZF, Sheld, Shinraishi Broly Amir, BoyBoyz, coldskin1, emcevo (1.1 only), Gknux-19, slz, Sookie Cell 1315579022, Boryema, DarkSaibot, G-Knux19 + Kenshiro99, giliboy98, Heal the World, fixes by TheAnswer, oscar123, Ryon, TheAnswer Frieza Adorienson Tenorio, axelelgamer, Boryema, Kenshiro99, Shinraishi Ginyu axelelgamer, Kenshiro99, Misterr07 Goku 214 (1.1 only), Boryema, Mikel888 Goku (Super Saiyan) Boryema, HELL, k666orochi, Kenshiro99 Goku (Super Saiyan God) HiddenSage121, MugenMundo Goku (Super Saiyan Blue) Buzzard1, Heal the World, Nycollas Matheus BR, Ryon, Skydroiid123, Sookie, ytgokou (cheap!), Zack23 (1.1 only) Gohan (Teen, Base) Boryema, FastFlash, HiddenSage121, Sektor Gohan (Teen, Super Saiyan 2) A.C.I.D, coldskin1, EXTREMEX, Japter Dark, Skydroiid123 Gohan (Adult, Base/Ultimate) Boryema, kenshiro99, mete122 (1.1 only), Sui Gohan (Adult, Super Saiyan) Sektor Gotenks Fausto Mugen, Kenshiro99, Sui Kid Buu 1315579022, axelelgamer, HiddenSage121, Kenshiro99 Krillin Alexei Roschak, axelelgamer, Boryema, Kenshiro99 Majin Buu axelelgamer, GOD984 and SegaStar, Kenshiro99, Yzan Nappa 1315579022, G-Knux19, TheAnswer Piccolo Boryema, HiddenSage121, ironjw, Kenshiro99 Raditz Aleistor Henrickson, Boryema, Heal the World, Misterr07, Sookie, Unregistered Trunks Boryema, Dope, Kenshiro99, Nightmare, Nightmare, fixes by BoyBoyz, ShinLucho Vegeta Boryema, HiddenSage121, Megamaze, Ryuu Vegeta (Super Saiyan) Barbatos, Boryema, FastFlash, Kenshiro99, Sookie, Sustina Style Characters Bardock (Super Saiyan) Adoriendson Tenorio Black Goku Boryema, Heal the World, Skydroiid123, Skydroiid123 + Heal the World Black Goku (Super Saiyan Rose) Axel Marin Son Bra Son Bra is Good and Wrestling Revolution Mugen, Son Bra is Good and Wrestling Revolution Mugen (SSB Mugen only) // Cell (Golden Form) Kairo [1st], Powerew [2nd], Isair [3rd] Copy Vegeta Adoriendson Tenorio Evil Goku akexZ1 Frieza (Second Form) Migue84 Frieza (Third Form) Migue84 Frieza (Golden Form) Adoriendson Tenorio, Migue84 Frost Migue84 Gine Migue84 Goku (Revival of F, Base) Boryema Goku (Super Saiyan 3) Adoriendson Tenorio, HiddenSage121 Goku (Super Saiyan Blue, DBZ outfit) Isair Goku (Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken) Isair Gohan (Future) 280 Gotenks (Base) Shametal Hirudegarn YoyoCollao Kibito Migue84 Oozaru Mugen BR Trunks (Base) HiddenSage121, ThiagosAssis Vegeta (Buu Saga, Super Saiyan 2) HiddenSage121 Vegeta (Super Saiyan God) GOD984 Vegeta (Revival of F, Base) LegendTTA / Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue) Ryon [1st], Sustina [2nd] Vegito ThiaggoAssis Vegito (Super Saiyan Blue) Adoriendson Tenorio Zamasu Axel Marin Add-ons Extreme Butoden spritepatch for Stig87's Android 18 by Heal the World Extreme Butoden spritepatch for Choujin's Cell by Heal the World AI patch for Heal the World's Raditz by Heal the World AI patch for Yzan's Bardock by LJ7631 AI patches for Ryon's SSGSS Goku and Vegeta by Human Human English voicepatch for Heal the World's Goku Black by Buzzard1 TFS soundpack for Heal the World's Bardock by comorep677 TFS soundpack for TheAnswer's Nappa by comorep677 Brazilian voicepatch for Choujin's Cell by Mugen Br Brazilian voicepatch for Adorienson Tenorio's Frieza by Mugen Br Brazilian voicepatch for Kenshiro99's Frieza by Mugen Br. Brazilian voicepatch for Gknux-19's Android 18 by Mugen Br Brazilian voicepatch for Axelelgamer's Fat Buu by Mugen Br Brazilian voicepatch for Mikel888's SSjBlue Goku by Mugen BR Brazilian voicepatch for Heal the World's Goku Black by Mugen Br Brazilian voicepatch for Kenshiro99's Vegeta by Mugen Br Spanish voicepatch for Heal the World's Black Goku by All Tomorrow XD Spanish voicepatch for Boryema's Goku by Latino voicepatch for TheAnswer's Nappa by Luis Joanz SSj2 Goku edit of HELL's Goku by Kaguto Shin Sabuki Colour seperated edit of Boryema's Vegeta by Kaguto Shin Sabuki Full Games DBZ Fury Budokai by Misterr07 SvK-styled DBZ Ikemen compiled by Dumanios DBZ vs. One Piece demo by Kenshiro99, G-knux19, Walruslui, and Shinzankuro
  21. Auer's original character and the final boss of Touhou: Gensokyo Reloaded, has been released. Get her in the Characters section. Link: First release.
  22. A 3-button character I made. The A and B-Buttons are used for Specials. The C-Button is a Hyper Button. (It costs 3000 Power to use.) Button Mapping: Walk FWD/ Walk BWD: Bomb Plant - Every step he takes, a bomb is planted to the ground. It explodes after a few seconds. They also randomize in color. A-Button: Bomb Drop - As the name implies its a simple bomb drop. Explodes on contact with the ground B-Button: Rupee Throw - Triple Rupee Throw. They go into 3 separate paths. Due to its Spammy potential, it cost 400 power to use. C-Button: Giant Bomb (Costs 3000 Power): A Giant Bomb drops to the ground and sets off its timer on contact with the ground. Explodes after a few seconds. Now, he can't back dash, run, crouch, or jump to save his life, but his other available traits can! Download: Mirror 1: Hope it's better than that other Morshu.