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  1. Of course! The common1 is no different than the regular state files other than it being loaded first. You can simply add the varset to the common1 state or override it by copy&pasting that common1 state into your own state file and then put the varset in there.
  2. I've now updated IDW to 1.04: https://mega.nz/file/f3wGRA6C#tutL4SZKUzoYiCkqHu2qrsM0cir-agwgnHGhnbEH6sM
  3. Spas-12 from Girls Frontline wrings into the fray! A 4-Star Shotgun T-Doll of Griffin based on one of the most popular shotguns in pop culture and games such as the Half-Life series. In battle, she is a grappler/bruiser type fighter who trades speed and agility for power and survivability. Approaching her straight on is just asking for punishment as her shotgun deals a lot of damage if it hits. Plus, her grabs do just as much or even more. When fighting her, it's best to keep a safe distance from her and zone her out. When she runs out of ammo, that is your opportunity to attack. If you do get in a situation where you have to get close to her, be sure to finish you combos at a safe distance or grab her before she does. = Notes about Spas-12 = + Has (almost) everything a grappler is good at. + Her shotgun hits like a speeding truck. You do NOT want to blindly charge at her as her opponent. + Her alternative-firing-mode-attack, The Great Turkey Shooter, is even more deadly with a whopping 900 unblockable damage. + Her other attacks are strong as well but the Combo fairy and the follow-up grab system is where she really shines. + Quite tanky with almost every fairy command ability being defence-oriented, a starting health of 1250, and 195 defence. + Her Fairy Commands are fairly cheap to use. + Super Armors galore as all of her grabs and fairy calls has them and can be extended to the rest of her attacks using the Armor Fairy. + Can also utilize parries and summon food using her respective fairy command abilities. + A sweet heart. - Has (almost) everything a grappler is bad at. - Slow character overall with poor recovery; Zoners will have a field day with her. - Poor reach. Even her shotgun has a limiting short range. - In fact, Elicoterro and Divekick are her only source of significant movement and range and both moves leave her wide open for a counter attack. - Can only accumulate Fairy Points through successful grabs. - Unlike IDW and M4A1, her shotgun needs to be reloaded manually. - Susceptible to AP rounds, Custom States, and, ironically, Grabs. - Gobbles up whatever rations you've saved up for in seconds. Get Spas-12 here: https://mega.nz/file/XmpFCAhD#J3eu18xb1WnrVuuCyeAOxkYp0gmWoAAGH3SblBjOpwE Palette Notes: Additional Screenshots:
  4. M4A1 from Girls Frontline joins the battle! Based on one of the US army's iconic assault rifle, M4A1 is one of the main characters in the Girls Frontline game. As a fighter, she is a Shoto/Rushdown character who loves to stun opponents with her Rifle and rack up combos. In the main storyline, M4A1 had to endure the harshest of turmoils to become who she is now which is represented by the Trauma System. The trauma system regulates Trauma within M4A1. Essentially, the more damage she takes, the more trauma she accumulates and the more combos she land, the less trauma she has to sustain. = Notes about M4A1 = + Good aerial attacks that are unaffected by the trauma system. + Fair anti-air options with her Bicycle Kick having decent reach. + Unlike IDW, she generates Fairy Points naturally. + The more trauma she has, the stronger her attacks. + The less trauma she has, the faster her attacks. + Dashes and Hops instead of running. Impervious to projectiles while dashing. + Can also air dash + Can fire High Velocity (HV) rounds which provide meter or Hollow Point (HP) rounds which stuns her opponent for longer combos. + HV rounds can be fired continuously (not in the air though). + Can transform into an even more powerful form. (more info below) + Is an adorable cinnamon roll. - The more trauma she has, the slower her attacks. - The less trauma she has, the weaker her attacks. - Her Fairy Command abilities are expensive. - Fairy Point regeneration becomes sluggish at high trauma. - Both HV rounds and HP rounds take a while to replenish. - Dashing and Hopping all have long startup and end lags. Air dashes are excluded. - HV rounds are her only significant source of meter. - Dislikes cinnamon rolls. Get M4A1 Here: https://mega.nz/file/CmhnnQaK#YngZ4qiqukT-x5WvJSFODybSL5NTA6EAUfAPXgGAxgw Version 1.01: https://mega.nz/file/vvgRwYJa#h_mpf0Mmmfg_IUsQg94DTE3O0cTZB8b0WwCmN3vMF4E Changelog: Mod3 Form: Additional Screenshots:
  5. Here's a simple character that I did out of boredom while I was developing IDW. They're quite easy to beat even on the hardest difficulty. Though, the same can't be said for the AI (some of them, at least). AI only. Info: Dinergates, a common enemy unit from Girls Frontline, swarm the battlefield with relentless numbers! They'll chew through anything in their path... for a while and then move along. (just to be fair) While they only move in one direction, they'll keep coming until you deplete their life bar and that can be done by taking them out one by one. How to beat them: Just hit them. Hit them until they go down. Medium to strong basic attacks are recommended. Their bite will interrupt hyper attacks so if said hyper attack has a long startup time, don't bother. Note: The higher the palette, the faster they become and they get tougher to kill. Also, they can't be timed out. You have to keep killing them until their life bar runs out to beat them. Download here Additional Screenshots:
  6. Hello everyone, I'm the author of IDW and I come bearing an update for her: https://mega.nz/file/3yQ1GQqb#aSRCijq9R5LRttxppm4hWT6k-pDN8ntra2AfDafh3Uc And as for that VSelect crash, it kept crashing because apparently, the latest version of Fighter Factory Studio either corrupted the SFF file or forced it to become only usable in 1.1. I have since fixed that back in v1.01.
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