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Found 73 results

  1. Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers Mugen Edition Tried to keep this Mugen game as simple and true to the source as possible. Any feedback is welcome. Characters were not made by me, I imported portraits, title screen and vs screen from source images and edited them and did some custom music/sound. This looks great on a CRT arcade cabinet.!JWp1CSoJ!ZAn6WXFsxaXylyRfI4Yxzk-scWbmmKSlNqEbh5repYQ
  2. After all this time, it's finally out. This is technically not an official release, but a prototype version that reflects the game's state up until 2011. The roster consists of only four characters at the moment with just two stages, though Ahruon has stated that more content will be uploaded over the coming days. The game is no longer being worked on. [ SCREENSHOTS] [ DOWNLOAD ]
  3. mulambo

    Street WTFighter

    Street WTFighter After 7 days of insane lulz... here is the official first release of *drum rolls* STREEEET WHATTHEFIGHTER!!! Inspired by the most weird unofficial version of Street Fighter 2 : Kouryu Edition, here is something even worse than the worse thing you ever experienced in character making, that breaks any rule of composition and tests the patience of the most virtuous and picky developer/player! This game feautures: - 13 characters, revised, overpowered, cheap and totally out-of-mind versions of classic Street Fighter 2 characters - 13 stages, with weird music, weird stuff and destabilizing graphics which will cause amnesia to the player - distorted music, politically uncorrectness, gross things and anything else that will test your patience and provoke your hate (lol, just kidding, but because of the dislikes, this has been appearently part of the trend, lol) - buggy characters, proudly spamming gameplay, flashing palettes, abudant graphic effects Someone would say this game can be enjoyed only with the use of drugs, but this game will SAVE you from the use of drugs, because its effects are worse than LSD (and I've honestly never tried it, while making this game in a totally sober state of mind). STREET WTFIGHTER! THE WORST WARRIOR! DOWNLOAD IT FROM : Well, I had fun making this, now time to share the whole fun and start working (you know, I'm supposed to have a job) WARNING: use of this game is discouraged to people suffering of epylepsis, obsessive-compulsive disorder, hyper-criticism, pickiness, moralism and asthma.
  4. Hoje trago a última versão desse jogo de dragon ball no estilo JUS, ele tem 46 chars 29 stages, essa versão não foi acrescentado tanta coisa como nas ultimas, mas é sem dúvida a que mais teve mudanças, agora vamos falar do que mudou: UPDATES: - Agora nas transformações personagens tem superArmor para ataques comuns, pois estava muito dificil se transformar, mas eles aidna podem ser empedidos com especias ou supers. - Agora a cada especial e SuperPause tem zoom, foi removida o efeito se superCharge (agora que tem o zoom não vejo poruqe ter ele) - Personagens não voam, agora eles caem lentamente, e se voar pra trás ele vai meio que dar um dash no ar e cair. - Agora Jiren transforma em 100%, e goku em ISou seja não são mais personagens separados. - Goku e Vegeta DBS tem todas as tranformações (essa entra na lista de vocês pediram tanto que tive que atender), pra se transformar com ele é um pouco diferente, por exemplo SSJ2 do Goku é baixo + A, porém com duas barras, já o três a mesma cosia só que com 3 barras, o Blue é baixo + B com 2 barras e o baixo + C é instinto superior, não muda tnato dos outros... - Melhora nas paletas em geral, principalmente dos LSSJ. - Adição da Arale e do Boo gordo. - Adição do stage do Gohan Ozaru e o de quando o Jiren está sendo eliminado. - Personagens que ganharam mais combos foram Super Buu, Kefla, Kale, Android 18. - Androids ganham energia automaticamente, mas não podem carregar. - Bug do Android 17 perder vida parado removido. - Toda e qualquer tela branca que restava como efeito de explosão foi removida. - Tenshinhan trocado para o do Pleneptune, esse não vira o Vegeta nem fica dando chute no vento (não estou críticando o outro). - Telas do Screenpack trocadas (sim de novo), e as logos da introdução refeitas, agora tem o logo da Elecbyte, da toei, e os criadores de chars e codes que usei nesse MUGEN e pude representar eles de alguma foram(no caso com a logo do canal de cada um). - Tela de carregamento de VS agora tá em OpenGL, bem mais bonita que antes. COMANDOS : Combo 1: A Combo 2: B Dispara energia: C Carregar energia: S Transformar(todos que tem um simbolo na frente do nome ou uma exclamação no nome): ↓+ A/↓+ B/↓+ C Destransformar: ↓ + S Especial 1: ↓→ + A Especial 2: ↓→ + B Especial 3: ↓→ + C Especial 4: ↓← + A Especial 5: ↓← + B Especial 6: ↓← + C Super Especial: ↓+Y DOWNLOAD LINK!iQohUa7L!gTYksHCViZBSlA7kNOH4HQ2mkyimQpCi96ArGWSpJC4 MY CHANNEL:
  5. O jogo de hoje creio que é o melhor que consegui fazer até agora, queria fazer um só de One Piece, mas não tinha chars muito necessários como o Law e o Doflamingo, então resolvi fazer um versus, que já tinha uma ideia de fazer a um tempo. Agora vamos a descrição do jogo, ele tem 28 personagens os mais balanceados que consegui, sendo metade de DBS e a outra metade de OP, tem 15 stages, metade dos dois animes também, e as múscias nos stages são as melhores que achei dos respectivos. COMANDOS: Combo 1: A Combo 2: B Dispara energia: C Carregar energia: S Especial 1: ↓→ + A Especial 2: ↓→ + B Especial 3: ↓→ + C Especial 4: ↓← + A Especial 5: ↓← + B Especial 6: ↓← + C Super Especial: ↓+Y DOWNLOAD LINK:!PE4nkR7Z!lywJf-XcKDjKEe4i7EmBlmC3ybjeGDMDTK9pHNRlnhk MY CHANNEL:
  6. Full version download: Gensokyo Reloaded v2.6.0.3 Update patch (Requires version 2.6.0 or higher) Gensokyo Reloaded v2.6.0.3 update Touhou RP: Gensokyo Reloaded is a "fullgame" compiled by Traweezie and myself, where the characters have been adjusted to fit into a fullgame environment with netplay functionality. I've noticed that this compilation has a bit of a competitive following, so I figured I'd promote discussion here. This also helps me in a way so that I know what issues to address in future updates.
  7. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD Google Drive INFO This is the third version of the official DSvSF Project, with huge new additions Update Log - Now the game have the Uno Tag System! Select "MugenAI.exe" them Play. * Sadly for some reason, it doesn't work with Felicia and R. Mika - New Screenpack > Major Edit of the previous Screenpack (thanks to the hard work of my fella AVPBoy6754) * I made some fixes around. ;) - New Characters > Vega II, Anita, Bulleta (varo_hades version), Oboro Bishamon and Cyborg - Added my edits of Morrigan, R. Mika, Karin and Lilith - Added some new Stages. Now the game have 105 Stages! - Some issues on Aulbath fixed - AI of many characters fixed - Order of Arcade Mode/Team Arcade Mode rearranged Hope you all enjoy the game. ;) Special Thanks! - AVPBoy6754, for being the head of the project and for his awesome MUGEN stuff! - Ako si Uno/UnoShe, for his awesome Uno Tag Patcher! - varo_hades, for bring some of the Darkstalkers chars in POTS Style! - SwaggaKings, for always being a great fella and a supporter of the project * I recommend you guys check SwaggaKings channel cause he's working on another DSvSF Project. :) - Taybear, for helping me a lot with Morrigan and Lilith! - All the fellas and supporters around the MUGEN forums and communities! - My beloved subscribers on YouTube! - Capcom, for bring to us these two memorable franchises! - and YOU, for downloading and enjoying Darkstalkers vs. Street Fighter! ;)
  8. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO It's finally here! The Final Version of Mortal Kombat 2 MUGEN!! :D Here's the changelog. - Added all the MKII stuff from GLAM's Edit - Fixed position and animation of new Friendship message - Added Tremor, Skarlet, Emerald and Red Robin - Added new stuff and fixes from the lastest edit by ShinSmoke - New endings for Jade, Smoke and Noob Saibot - Added Boss Mode of Shang Tsung (LeoCobainJr's Edit) - Added new Pit II Other Side by ShinSmoke - Fixes on Hornbuckle and Reptile More details and credits in the "README - CREDITS.txt" Thanks a lot fellas for the patience and support. Next days i'll post the Playthrough of the new kombatents and my Supreme Demonstration of the game. Hope you all enjoy it. TOASTY!
  9. Hello to all MFFA! Here I present a project that I have been preparing for a few weeks now, ladies and gentlemen here ahead the Full Game of MUGENGERS: The Orochi's Origin, starring 4 heroes of the series The King of Fighters (SNK Playmore). This Full Game will have a total of 75 characters included (plus a surprise), the content of stages is unknown at times but I assure you that you will have a good catalog of these. It will have as main Launcher the MUGEN 1.1 without sprites with OpenGL configuration, that is to say, it runs perfectly the graphics in most of the computers because, as you already know me, I like to make games that at least MOST people can try them, and, I do not like to leave those people who do not have a PC or laptop with enough capacity to play. Trailer #1 Select Screen (In Progress): Versus Screen: In Battle!:
  10. (I speak spanish, sorry if my english is bad) Whats up people, the other day I started editing a mugen about jojo for me, but without excess characters. So I wanted to share it with you, and in passing see the things that I added. Features: MUGEN 1.1 with gui0007´s edit of KFM´s old screenpack 39 characters from Phantom Blood to Steel Ball Run (yeah, the recent johnny char) and Dio Over Heaven from EoH (Being honest, I put it to fill space of "characters that have renders of recent games" :p). Voices from ASB/EoH/Anime for "old" characters. Some new palettes so that the characters are more like the anime made by me, as "Black and Dark Green" Jotaro or "Purple with Red scarf" Lisa Lisa. Hi-Res portraits of ASB/EoH made by me, with some edits. (Except for High Dio, but I found a good image of Stardust Shooters) 24 stages, several with zoom. Demostration Video, so you can see how it is: Download:!G8An1LjL!6HvQdzkR_i1Be4jHHRTb-4_HNfx5Ph424MRbrIanTjE I did it for fun, I hope you like it :)
  11. Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers Mugen Edition <IMG SRC=""> Tried to keep this Mugen game as simple and true to the source as possible. Any feedback is welcome. Characters were not made by me, I imported portraits, title screen and vs screen from source images and edited them and did some custom music/sound. This looks great on a CRT arcade cabinet.!JWp1CSoJ!ZAn6WXFsxaXylyRfI4Yxzk-scWbmmKSlNqEbh5repYQ
  12. Mugen Full & Compilations sites Collection I don't know if i could post this way, if not please say to me ok. I will let here the best links that i know of sites where you will found many links of mugens, if you know other sites or have a public 4shared folder or mega, mediafire, onedrive, etc let in comment to i add in the list. 1- My 4shared folder: 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9-
  13. Mortal Kombat Project Season 2.5 -Ultimate Update- FINAL VERSION PREVIEW DOWNLOAD Google Drive → INFO Here's my last attempt on the Season 2.5 ladies and gentleman, the Final Version of the Ultimate Update. :) There are A LOT of new features! - New sounds after the round ends and in the Finish Him/Her time. - New Battle Plan background - More major bugs fixed - New Kharacters, new Stages and new Lifebars! - And many more! More details, Kredits and how to manage the Battle Plan backgrounds and the sounds in the "IMPORTANT NOTES!" folder. I want to thanks to Borg117 and MKP Team for their hard work. Also thanks all the fellas around the MK MUGEN Kommunities, here on MFFA and on Youtube for the support. You all ROCK!
  14. Mugengers 2 (ultimate mugen battle) Here are screen shots to my game
  15. Yamori X

    SNK vs Capcom EX

    SNK vs Capcom EX Hello everyone. To all that may have noticed, I haven't put out anything recently aside from update. MUGENs been kinda on and off for me, but I got big into KoF recently and thought about makin' something sorta big after some inspiration.This thing turns out to be a lil' full game in my custom style that I've been building for a long while. It's gonna be a SNK and Capcom crossover game, roster wise, but the gameplay is gonna be an odd amalgamation. After playing on both sides, I thought it would be fun to see what I could do with my favorite SNK chars in this style, plus some other unique Capcom IPs. I think by now, the style is pretty set in stone, but the thing I got start worrying about is the screenpack (not too great with graphics stuff of the sort).There's also the roster, which I have a pretty big idea of, but may peeve a few since I can't include too many (i'm only human!) and that my tastes may differ a bit, sorry in advance! The rosters sorta gonna be organized in threes, like KoF. I thought it would be a fun idea to organize the Capcom chars this way, since I haven't seen it before.So far, 4 characters have been made, and I've been privately testing them with a few close friends just to help me polish (thanks doods). They are Lilith (of course), Chun-Li (from before), and the two new ones that I haven't released yet: Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui. I had a lotta fun with them, and it's given me high hopes for this game. Once I get at least one rep from each starter team (4 Capcom, 4 SNK), I will release a little public alpha test to see what people think of the game. Once I've gathered feedback and polished up, I will move onto adding the rest of the members from the 8 starter teams for the first version of the game.Now with that out of the way, I'll go on to describe the gameplay system at it's current state: That out of the way, expect some progress soon. Below is a trailer with a bit of gameplay footage and other things to show you what's goin' on (thanks Rodknee). Hope you enjoy! Discord Link, for future updates if you're interested:
  16. Roaring_Flame_NekoCYAN [re-uploaded by RAMON GARCIA] I found this game in the server ALL THE CREDITS TO NekoCYAN link: or Post in my group:
  17. Street Fighter 5 Mugen Edition I cool screen pack I found & put chars and stages and sound too. Enjoy!! Link :!MkBXUJaY!n5fAIfpf5pIcjm9Z-vLLuLxJ46VDV1Eut1qSBgTs4Q4
  18. KOF Zueira

    KOFZ PLUS (Power UPs)

    KOF ZILLION PLUS (Power UPs) With several items thrown during the fight!
  19. Oranji

    Bleach – JUS Edition

    Bleach – JUS Edition O jogo de hoje não demorou tanto pra ficar pronto porque tem menos personagens que o comum, mesmo assim não são poucos.Resolvi faze-lo pois não vi nenhum jogo JUS de Bleach muito bom, e os que tinham estavam com chars antigos e desatualizados. O jogo tem 19 personagens JUS dos melhores que achei, tendo cada um, um diferencial no combate, 15 fases, e usei a incrível trilha sonora do anime, o screenpack quis fazer do zero pra ficar do jeito que eu queria (consegui mais ou menos) Comandos: Combo 1: A Combo 2: B Dispara energia: C Carregar energia: S Transformar (Bankai/Resurrección): Z Especial 1: ↓→ + A Especial 2: ↓→ + B Especial 3: ↓→ + C Especial 4: ↓← + A Especial 5: ↓← + B Especial 6: ↓← + C Super Especial: ↓+Y (Lembrando esses comandos servem para todos personagens, e não tem relação com os botões do seu teclado e sim sua configuração no MUGEN) [DOWNLOAD]
  20. Rurouni Kenshin - Soul and Sword Website
  21. Bleach - JUS Edition (W.I.P)
  22. Mugengers 3 HR "MattsMugen Edition edit. All I did was edit this really cool screenpack
  23. Hyper Dragon Ball Z the ZapZaz7 build Hello everyone and today I've finally released My build of Hyper Dragon Ball Z. I've been working on this one for a while and it is made with all respect to the original creators of both Hyper DBZ and Dragon Ball. This is only my first version, I will update it in the future. More info in video Download here:
  25. Mugenger 2 (the ultimate battle) Ultimate Mugen Battle Hi, I just created this anime mugen game, its called "Mugengers 2 (the ultimate battle) and it consists of characters from the five (5) top anime's *Naruto *Bleach *DBZ *One Peice *Fairy Tail. With stages from each of this anime and some really enticing soundtracks. Here is the link to download[The_Ultimate_Battle]_by_Olaosebikan_Emmy.rar