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Found 11 results

  1. Yoruichi TYBW JUS release 10/31/2022 OpenGL mugen 1.0+ Enjoy!
  2. Today I learned that even after 7 years I'm still terrible at making names up, anywaySo, just recently I got a bit (or maybe a ton ) of inspiration and decided that I wanted to give character creation another shot, truth be told, my works years ago were pretty... unbalanced to say the least, not to mention how much of an spaguetthi my code was (and probably still is, some bad habits never die, but we'll see), anyway, while I have another character in mind to begin with, some problems with it made me decide to take a break and try soemthing else, and that's when I looked back and saw one of the last thing I made; kyurem. Designed as a boss character, it was very very broken, the little sprites I had to work with limited my ideas a bit and I was focusing on making it extremely strong, even added a cheapie mode, silly me With all that in mind, I decided I would completely overhaul him, completely changing its moves, graphics, rewriting code, pretty much everything, tho I did en reusing some of the old code I won't lie, functionally it is a completely different character, and this time around, I'm trying to make an actually fair boss character (well, as fair as a boss of his kind can be i guess:p) So far balance wise my ideas have been these in contras to the older version: Kyurem only rrecovers a fraction of its life when winning a round, older version fully healed every time Kyurem will retain its forme in between rounds, so if base forme beats you, you'll face it again, if you beat base forme and the next one kills you, you'll face that other forme, old kyurem returned to base forme every round you only have to beat Kyurem once, if you defeat both formes, next round you will be given a free ko ending the fight, essentially givingyou (usually) two rounds to beat him once, old Kyurem required beating him from base form those same rounds And maybe more, knowing my memory its probably the case And now, after all that speech, this comes into play, I am still working with this guy, trying to improve and be creative, maybe add more moves, etc, so my request here is mostly to ask wh help balancing this guy, truth be told, I'm not the best when it comes to balancing stuff, so I'd be really thankful if some of you guys could take the time to test and help me out with that, feel free to leave any other suggestions of course, I'll gladly listen (or read) all of them and try my best to make something that is actually good. With all that said, if you're willing to help out, or just want to test or have an extra boss in your roster cause why no, here's the link. And of course, some screenshots:
  3. I made a new version of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure MUGEN with new manga portraits, bug fixes, own balance, some features (dio's regeneration, pucci now get energy when uses taunt). It's fighting with JoJo characters in HFTF style. Special thanks to character and stages creators/editors, to Iver Stone and a lot of others. Music from video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCJBXEu_95g Link for download: ON YOUTUBE IN VIDEO DESCRIPTION
  4. Hello everyone! i'm new over here, and I'm doing a project of a self insert on Mugen, I'm being using it for practice and everything idk what to say now uwu any advice it's use full
  5. I will call it an Release for now, I will be perfection it and fixing him with the Feedback All (what I know) it's originalcrowbar and revolver model Comes Form half-life 2Mugen version: 1.1Actual Character Version: 1.0.1 Download
  6. After all this time, it's finally out. This is technically not an official release, but a prototype version that reflects the game's state up until 2011. The roster consists of only four characters at the moment with just two stages, though Ahruon has stated that more content will be uploaded over the coming days. The game is no longer being worked on. [ SCREENSHOTS] [ DOWNLOAD ] https://cardsagaswars.wordpress.com/2018/07/01/csw-update-2/
  7. Mae Jae (Original HD Char) 3D rendered+post edit manual Somethings i have been changed since i started this wip this is the new, and final method i developed to do the char STEPS: -1 : Have the idea and create a comcept -2 : Change the style of shading, lighting source, size and general develop style -3 : Try to model a character in 3d so close as possible to the style wanted -4 : Edit shader and render to optimize the result -5 : Edit the palete to turn it more easy for manual edit -6 : Some details, outlines, some fixes, and the 6th color -7 : Finish the sprite and add the hand made art for moves and other minor details Thanks for all those leave "good" feedback and help with this
  8. PASSWORD = raidenisinsoulcalibur6 Mugen 1.1, open GL http://www.mediafire.com/file/gvslkvzd70m5shj/MM'VR+TRAINING'MM.rar
  9. PASSWORD = newagemugen or halloween Version - Mugen 1.1 Only Localcoord - 854,480 / 1280,720 / 1920,1080 Zoom - Yes (Zoomout = .65) Animation - Yes Super Jump - Yes ULTRA Jump/DBZ mode - Yes Sprite format - 16/32bit Png File Size - 111MB! Legendary Edition contains: - Pokemon!? - Special Appearance from Darius Burst Final Boss "Great Thing" - Improved zoomdelta/zoomout for increased depth - Enhanced lighting effects on water/castle - Easter Egg hidden in .DEF file.....? http://www.mediafire.com/file/8dpm8446oi5obaw/MM''SVPH1R3D1VMXND1.1-L3G3ND''MM.rar
  10. PASSWORD = halloweenjesusporn666 Stage Name: MM'PVRVD1$31$LVND2'MM Author: PhantomGs & ????? (Newagemugen/Negative-Edge/????????????) MugenVersion = 1.1 Only Localcoord = 1280,720/1920,1080/3840,2160 Zoomout = .45 Features: - A complete HD Remake of the Phantom Gs classic stage from the ground up! - Pirate Ghosts and Ghost Ships? (Because its a Halloween release lol) - Sinusoidal movement - Extended Bounds for Wide stage scrolling - 0.45 ULTRA ZOOM! - individual zoom delta on all layers - Highly recommended for use with Tatsu/shiyokakuge add004 slow camera .cns function - tritone lighting & lcd retro overlay - no sweetfx needed! - Ultra High Jump / MVC / DBZ Mode compatibility - Fully animated nebula and cloud scene for dramatic MVC aerial Rave/DBZ fight action http://www.mediafire.com/file/a3dag14cic3tdbm/MM'PVRVD1%2431%24LVND2'MM.rar
  11. DOWNLOAD LINK 1280 x 720 Widescreen DOWNLOAD LINK 960 x 720 "Standard"** **Conversion by N1000sh. I'm not particularly fond of the scaling (currently), so hopefully I can figure out a "standard" resolution version with proper scaling http://www.mediafire.com/download/td0boibsely2z00/Superjail_Prison_Riot+%28edit%29.zip 640x480 by n1000sh
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