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  1. i will moved again all the files from Google to MediaFire cause i'll accidentally deleted all files on my Gdrive, thank god i have backup on my MediaFire.
  2. ok little updates it seems The Destroyer Enchanted Armor is still in development cause i searched everywhere and i found nothing maybe soon or later they will release. i continue for searching and let y'all know
  3. Oh yeah i know that, I'll added that soon. update 3
  4. Probably...yes or is it drax the destroyer? Drax is already in there
  5. HOLY MOLLY! I'll Take several months or years to gather all characters ☺❤
  6. Announcement! all links has been Transferred to GDrive
  7. well for some reason this is so cool!
  8. Ohh Thankyou sir, Your so Quick to Reply.
  9. This is so Cool! Any Link for English Version?...
  10. DOWNLOAD: [FULL VERSION] Full Version UPDATE_1 Installer Manual/ZIP [How to Update?] [Manual] Drag and Drop the chars and Data Folder to Mugen Super Heroes V4.6 Folder (Make Sure You Download The Full Version Before Update.) [Installer] Change Destination Folder into superheroes2000mugenV4.6 Folder and Thats it! ( if Winrar Need.? Download it ) [INFO - JshMaxer's EDIT] -Edit/Fix and New Characters Download by JshMaxer -Balanced Characters Remove Bug Stages, Order Fixed -Some Characters Download in MFFA and MugenArchive Changelog: Full Version Changelog Update_1 Changelog Update_2 - BIG UPDATE Installer Manual/ZIP Update_2 Changelog ----------------------- Update_2: (BIG UPDATE) ----------------------- (I tried so many characters to test balanced and make fair fight) [Deleted old characters from files] [Character Selection Expand] -improved Dr. octopus/Octavius [New Characters] Marvel - The whizzer - Toxin - Riot - Kang The Conqueror ( LOKI Official Series ) - The Hood - Flying Tiger - Human Fly - Solara - The Fixer - Prowler - White Tiger - Spider Gwen - Blink DC - Dr. monocle - neutron - ragman - Pyscho pirate - Neron - Hell gramite - Fastball - Major disaster - Crimson avenger - The ray - Dr. Mid-Nite - Baron Blitzkrieg - Kobra Thanks for Playing my Update! -JshMaxer [PREVIEW] Character Select - UPDATE_2 Options ©http://superheroes2000.blogspot.com/ Comparison - Original vs My EDIT
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