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  1. admin, please look into this

    God almighty, RobotMonkeyHead was actually kind to you, and this is how you treat him?
  2. admin, please look into this

    He scanned an actual page tho. You just "experimented with a fake url."
  3. Ender's Christmas release - Sans beta

    - Holding up makes him jitter in place. Why can't he jump? - Taunt has no hitbox. - MP has no blue hitbox. - No hitbox when he summons a gaster blaster. - Teleporting as basic movement is super awkward and slow. - I can get a 36 hit combo by chaining LP into itself. I can get a 17 hit combo by chaining MP into itself. - All of his normals are unblockable while standing and crouching, but can be airblocked for some reason. - Sound clip for HP is incredibly low. Listen, if people are rushing you, and putting you under a lot of stress, you don't have to rush. Take your time with your chars, and they'll be ready when they're ready. Some people won't wait, but people who care about you as a person will.
  4. What's your icon's orgin?

    My avatar is from Tails Gets Trolled, the greatest webcomic of all time. Read it if you want a good laugh.
  5. Bowser Jr updated (Bugs and glitches fixed)

    Oh hey, you fixed the standing MP -> standing MK infinite, added that hitbox to the fire attack and added that damage dampener. Good job. However: - I can still chain stronger attacks into weaker attacks (like say, MP into LP), and bounce between them multiple times. Even though the damage dampener makes a crouching MP -> crouching MK -> repeat combo take a long time, it's still an infinite. My advice is to find any instance of a stronger attack chaining into a weaker attack, or being able to go between two buttons of the same strength and fix it like what you did with the standing MP -> standing MK infinite. - Another thing I discovered, sorry I didn't bring it up before, Bowser Jr has no lows or overheads. Low attacks (usually the crouching kicks) cannot be blocked while standing, and overheads (the jumping attacks universally (except for JLA Task Force for the Genesis, but that game blew lol), but sometimes command normals can have this property) cannot be blocked while crouching. This makes it really hard for him to take out a turtle, and since his dad is the king of the turtles, it's rather embarrassing for the little guy. - Another thing I neglected to bring up, but the throw is pretty bizarre. The paint brush seems to have a vaccuum function, and when it's over the opponent just randomly teleports into the air and falls down. I know throws are bitchy to code, but this throw could use a little touching up. - The feet for some of the kicks really don't mesh well, but that's more of a spriting issue then a coding issue. Keep it up :D
  6. - I can do an infinite by alternating MP and MK. - Stronger buttons are not supposed to chain into weaker buttons. - the eoh template is a terrible template to use because of how buggy it is. I suggest using KFM. - no damage dampener. - all the standing and crouching attacks do the same amount of damage. - He has no hitboxes during his QCB+HP. There's a lot more, but I feel these are the most pressing issues.
  7. MFFAWN #1 (09/19 - 09/25, 2016) - It has begun!

    Maybe you could add some insight to the downloads, like how they play or what you think of them?
  8. CS-X-TBM Greninja (BETA 2 UPDATE Release)

    You haven't seemed to fix any of the issues I pointed out. - Why is he covered in red hitboxes during his stance? - What is up with the hitboxes behind him as he enters? - The water shuriken miss close up. - The sprites look all blurry and pixely. It looks like you tried to give them some kind of "hi-res" filter that just makes low-res sprites look ugly. - The hitboxes are very unoptimized. You have five hitboxes when only 2 would be enough. - The EoH template is not a good template for making mugen chars. - The launcher is +7 on block. That is horribly safe for a HP. - All the normals, aside from the standing light punch, are equally safe on block as they are on hit, making him really hard to punish. - Colors on the sprite are inconsistent. One minute his hand has a bit of a brown color on them, then it's white.
  9. Creator's Collection: MUGENX

    The young link is different. I got a kung fu man spriteswap with Mike's sprites when I downloaded it. I managed to find Young Link here
  10. In case you were wondering why I was absent from your livestream last night, I was out doing some errands. I did get a Caramilk bar out of it.


    P.S: 420 content count...

  11. Currently wrestling with XNALARA. If I can't code, I might be able to sprite for people.

    1. jenngra505


      Sounds good, some people are looking for a spriter for their projects.

  12. Finally remade, Megaman v2.0 re-released!!

    In the readme, you got the Hard Knuckle's motion wrong. It's "charge Back, Forward and b" not Charge down, forward and b". It also bugs me that the Super damage is inconsistent. When I hit with the Magnetic shockwave close up, the shockwave only hits once, dealing as much damage as a level 1 super. I'll let you know what else I can find.
  13. Perci the Bandicoot by Dark Chaos (released Jan 26, 2016)

    - No crouching attacks and only one air attack. - I can do an infinite just by throwing wrenches. - All three attacks do the exact same damage. - The hitboxes on her body completely disappear when she does her LP. - The hitbox for the wrench seems giant. - No damage dampener. - Can keep the opponent in block stun just by mashing buttons while they block. This was a similar problem in all your other creations.
  14. MFFA's Ask a User Thread (Ask OxyontheWolf)

    - Fighting game characters you wish had a good conversion in mugen? - Non fighting game characters you wish had a good conversion in mugen? - When are we going to play Ikemen again? - Have you ever mained a character that was not originally from a fighting game? Edit: Oops, I guess I was 2 minutes too late :c