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  1. So, the creator of his Mephisto insisted this character isn't an edit of Blackheart, even though it has basically the same moveset and even some leftover sounds...
  2. Fuck YouTube and its upload system. Messed up quality again, seriously.
  3. So, the quality got fucked again, because YouTube is garbage and fucks up the normal quality of my videos unless they're at a very specific configuration in Bandicam, but Bandicam is also garbage, because it randomly fucking reset the configurations I used for the previous fight, and I'm not going to record this one again, because I like how it ended up.
  4. Going for a more basic fight between rivals, its a shame Elecbyte never made a Suave Dude character, this one is an edit of KFM, not really bad, but even the sprites feel a bit different.
  5. Damn, this little bitch is annoying!
  6. So, Infinite did another one of those...
  7. Did I use the color separation patch for Cyclops just to make an undies palette for him? Yes, of course I did, duuh.
  8. Finally a Nep Heart character that I can play properly and someone good to fight as well. I forgot to fight the boss version of Asuna, but who cares.
  9. Experiment is a kinda cool boss character, seems kinda broken in some regards, though.
  10. So, Nexus Games made another character...
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