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    POTS style is trash

    POTS style is trash
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    Happy birthday, Shantae! Expect a massive update for the half-genie hero this summer!
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    ・ 。 ☆∴。 *   ・゚*。★・    ・ *゚。   *   ・ ゚*。・゚★。     ☆゚・。° * . ゚ *  ゚ 。· * ・ 。 ゚ *     ゚ *. 。 ☆ 。 ★ ・     * ☆ 。 ・゚ *. 。     * ★ ゚・。 * 。      ・  ゚☆ 。
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    This is so cute!

    This is so cute!
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    In the next few hours, you'll be able to play as the massively-updated Shantae, and Pac-Man, along with a new stage!
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    Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes you gave me! You guys are awesome! It has now been confirmed that Shantae, Pac-Man, Shovel Knight, and Retro Suika will be getting an update TOMORROW EVENING, along with two stages! One new, one updated!
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    I didn't know SilvaGunner made a M.U.G.E.N video which resembles the old "Everybody Hates" memories.
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    So why not if I make another Cartoon Network villain besides Katz? I see she is internet's animated waifu. However it still brainstorms me want to make Ed's arch-enemy in Mugen. Likewise, she still provides girlish moves like make-up, crankshaft and constant bullying. Hopefully when Ed is possibly out as a beta, I will add her on my poll list, alongside Katz.
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    Three years ago, a song was uploaded to Youtube. This very song went on to become one of the greatest memes in recent memory as well as possibly the best meme from 2016 overall. Of course, I'm talking We are Number One. Three whole years this song has existed. And it graced memers all around the world. Many edits of the song were made. Often replacing replacing every "one" with ether a clip from another source or after the one is said it would speed up the video. There were also edits where Robbie Rotten was taken out the video entirely, the video was in opposite mode and many, many others. However the story does not end there. As the meme was gaining relevancy the actor of Robbie Rotten (Stefan Karl) was dealing with cancer. People took notice of this and so many people donated money to help him. This is one of the few times where a meme has helped somebody in a good way. However, as of late Stefan's cancer has returned. And it is worse then ever. The state as gotten so bad that it can't be worked on. This is extremely saddening. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5510365/LazyTown-actor-Stefan-Stefansson-incurable-cancer.html We tried did our best, and that's what counts. This is just how life goes. Unfortunate, but we else can we do? Life is life. And we did all we could to help him. And all we can do now is wish him the best of luck.
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    With Sonic Mania Plus finally released, here's a preview of Mighty and Ray as Sonic's new assists for the Act 2 update!
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    ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Yo! What Up MFFA FAM! I Wanted To Give Everyone A Big Thank You! I've Learned So Much In Creating Stages And Your Cheers, Feedbacks, Tips, Advice, and Critical Critique Inspires Me To Make More Stages, Yo! Today I Finally Created My First Animated Stage! Funny... I Didn't Know Any Of This Or Stage Creation When I First Joined This Site Three Years Ago! Thank You All For Being Awesome!! Cause You Know...Caring Is Sharing! *Peace* ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”
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    Dear Mugen Free For All Users, It is my regret to be telling you that I will take a temporary vacation from MFFA. Why? Simply because I want to catch up on my schoolwork, and also try out some bigger, better things. Those who wish to edit or entirely remake my collections may do so in order to help them stay updated. But for now, this is Moltar signing off, and wishing you the best of luck on all future Mugen projects!
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    It has been decided.

    It has been decided.
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    Big birthday updates are coming!!!
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    Happy 10th birthday Dinner Blaster.
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    It's 2049 and the MUGEN world is fouled with toxic sludge.
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    Glad to see my boy Pac-Man in Super Smash Bros Ultimate along with everyone else! This is the best day ever! https://www.smashbros.com/en_US/fighter/55.html
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    Celebrating Pac-Man's 38th birthday with a sneak peak of his new updates! Coming this summer!
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    New challenger approaching! "Now it's my turn!"
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    It's amazing trying to be patient while helping people that just basically say "fuck you" to you all the time whenever something doesn't go their way.
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    So every once in a while, some of the guys DL and show off some of the characters made for Mugen recently. What really bugs me the most is when shoddy creations get nothing but praise especially from authors that have been making characters for a long time and still haven't learned a thing. Not that they're ever given a reason to improve as they still get praised for it. I think we need more people willing to rip apart a character without thinking too much on what others think.
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    Guile's theme goes with being work productive.
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    People thought Sakurai would never add her in, but now... After all these years, my favorite character, Princess Daisy is playable in Smash Bros!!! As a clone no surprise, but she's finally a Nintendo All Star!
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    I supposed to put Courage's beta in new Years' Eve because, I need to recreate some sprites I need to save some time! Thankfully, I got a few more sprites to do while I'll release Zim, Dib and Rocko's new updates for Christmas Day or Boxing Day.
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    Or you could just not be on Facebook at all.