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  1. so first thing i finished since 2 years ago that's more than a silly minimalist thing, it's the referee lady who was actually playable in a mini-game mode in a gameboy yu yu hakusho fighting game. granted she is very far removed from how she played in that mode, and is now a 3-button character with 4 specials and 4 supers, with voices taken from the show (and also the arcade fighting game where she's playable...only in the arcade version) shout-outs to drkelexo who made so many things in this character (coded the taunt, made custom sprites for a lot of the moves, lots and lots of coding assistance, more things than i can count really) HAJIME
  2. used to be. kinda fell out of contact with him since he kinda just disappeared off of social media. even 'thunder duelists' seems to have vanished
  3. heya, i'm that author named 'melvanainchains' or something. since i'm back to making stuff figured i'd drop by here also some updates since it's been a long time since i've been on a MUGEN forum, two things 1) i'm a girl now 2) the guy i worked with on alter amiba and ghetto warmachine i don't work with anymore. i work with the guy that did bootleg ryu tho with that, thanks for enjoying my stuff and hope to make more of it soon!
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