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What do you hate/don't like in a Mugen Char?

Mister Fael

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1. When the button combination to do one move is ridiculous, something like f+b+df+fb+df+f+dbf+fdb+abcxyz. Granted I haven't seen anything that ridiculous, but it still irks me.


2. Projectile spam. As much as I love Touhou, I find that a lot of the characters spam bullets all the time, making it almost impossible for me to actually attack.


3. Characters with ridiculous file sizes. They take way too long to load, so I don't even bother with them.


4. When the character's portraits are too big.


5. That Akuma hyper, err, thing. Ya know, were they glide to you, grab you, the screen goes black and they start wailing on you. That attack.

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- Creator's character that have bugs like Ukege's characters that have infinite cornerpush combos and when I report this problem to him, he ignore me and block me in his twitter, that makes me dislike his entire creations - Overpowered nonsense characters (mostly joke characters) that cannot be defeated rare-akuma, god-orochi etc except Apra's Evil Ryu whom is defeat-able even he has that one hit instant kill - Overpowered AI, I prefer fighting against character that have mid Ai level like Kod, Vans, Pots, Jmorphman's characters - Character whose AI can take over when playing as them like Tin's Gouki

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Characters that are poor adaptations from the source material


I'm a bit of a stickler about that, I'm always thinking Uwe Bole's on the other line laughing his ass off  :fffuuu:


I also don't like these:

  • Color-swaps
  • Name-swaps
  • Joke Characters disguised as legitimate characters (excluding ones on April 1st)
  • Misplaced or Giant Portraits
  • All that Symboite Bullsh1t
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What I don't like


  • Bad, boring AI
  • Overpowered characters, only if they are a little balanced but still beatable with a 30% chance I would use him/her as a boss character
  • 1 Hit KO characters at the start of the round before the announcers declares battle
  • Horrible sprites with bad res, stiffness or plain McPixel looking

As long as the characters are challenging, that can execute specials fairly easy and look badass. I am happy

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What I don't like:


-Overpowering AI- Mario & Luigi are most noticable for that... they dodge roll then begin to combo you non-stop till you're down.


-Characters that have opponents wait a certain amount of ticks to hit them again- Dust of Osiris! Most times I can't hit her multiple times at once and I have to wait like 60 to 70 ticks after ONE lousy hit to hit her again.


-Too much HP/Attack/Defense- Some characters I downloaded had too high of  a stat, making them hard to beat


-OHKO attacks: Obviously... that Vore Charizard is known for an attack that pauses the whole round for like 5 seconds or so and no matter what you do, even if you block... BAM! KO!


What I like:


-Decent AI

-Accurate characters

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All of supermystery's older UB22 characters. Super cheap AI, overpowered as hell, completely broken if you try to play as them...


and people thought I was an asshole when I pointed these things out. Half the time, it's not even entertaining to watch his characters fight one another.


Also, fun fact, I got in a youtube argument about this with some member of Supermystery's Mugen Lair forum on one of his youtube videos. This guy later tried to report me on Mugen Lair, but here's the thing:


He deleted all my comments from the youtube video we argued on. So, he deleted his proof like a moron.

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Mmh, I don't like it when the characters' stats don't even remotely reflect how they are in the source media. For example, a Rampardos with more defence than attack, or a fast, combo-heavy Wreck-It Ralph. I also don't like it when they reflect the source media too much, such as a Rayquaza with 400 attack, or a Steelix with 500 defence.

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Hate 1. When the A.I doesn't pose a challenge that Irritates me in any fighting game 2. When a Character is not well coded or have a Variety of Sprites or not a Full 6 Character 3. When a Character keeps doing the same Move 4. I hate people who can't put Effort in their character I hate that 5. When a Character's Outdated and can't work on my Current MUGEN Engine Likes 1. When a Character is as Successful as I judge from the Screenshot 2. Good Stages that Go with my kinds of Music that's a Absolute Must For whatever Downloaded Stages 3. Custom Characters that Stands out from the Rest with their own Unique Gameplay, Style and Features 4. Original Stages with their own Flow to it 5. Originality that one Guy or Girl that Stands out from the Rest and just create MUGEN Content for themselves and Share it with the Community and Don't take it seriously like Certain MFG Users You guys MUGEN Was meant to have Fun so Cool your jets on the Creations your not getting a Paycheck Have Fun Everyone MUGEN has Limitless Possibilities it can offer -Astral-kun (Celest)

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Spammy AI, horribly drawn sprites (especially MSPaint), bad CLSNs, overly high attack power to remain true to source game AND adding even more powerful super attacks (I'm looking at you, Mass), and horribly made Gumball Watersons.

EDIT: And also that gosh darned Delta Charge Motion! I hate it with a passion!

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1. Cheap/Overpowered/Underpowered characters unless its accurate to the source, but only if this is balanced out by something

2. Easily accessable OHKO

3. Small amount of frames

4. Bad sprites, GFX and SFX

5. Bad coding


But i like...basicly everything opposite to the list above in this post.

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