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What do you hate/don't like in a Mugen Char?

Mister Fael

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When the author's behavior, reaction to criticism, and general attitude are just about as bad as the character they put out.

Agreed. I've met a few people who were that way. A really good example of that was when I ran into the IMT guys for the first time.

I showed them a video one of my friends made. It's long gone now, but the video tried to show all of these characters as having 'MvC' styled game play... when they didn't. That lead me to IMT itself to try and let them know that 'Hey, if you guys are going to put out something that is in this style, try to make it work'.

I was told, not by the author, but by someone else to fix it myself. THAT is not cool... I didn't make the damn characters, your friend did. He should fix that or, better yet, don't label it as 'MvC' game play when it's clearly NOT.

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Characters with glitches and the author is inactive and won't respond. Since I don't know how to code I'm stuck with it. Sailor Mercury by Tsukino AI will just stand there and do nothing every time she loses a round. This Sailor Mercury has brutal AI which I like but I can only fight her once and her AI will stop working on the next round. The character I use a lot (Yuki Morikawa) has a glitch with her five fireball move. Sometimes when they leave the screen they are not gone yet. The fireballs are still there flying offscreen and I can't use that move again until I hear the sound. That fireball glitch has been annoying me since January. I would use the super version to buy time for the fireball to disappear and stall the enemy.

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I can't remember if I've already said this, but I'm not fond of when a character's combos require you to be frame-perfect in order to execute them, though on the other end of the scale, I'm not fond of characters that are so ridiculously loose in their combos that you can devastate the opponent by practically mashing the keyboard.

On either end of the scale, the A.I. has an advantage over the player because they can easily do frame perfect combos and they can mash harder than you can.

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Characters that don't obey basic fighting game design. Even exceptions (unconventional ideas, joke char, OP char) can only push the envelope so far; they still have to feel polished to some degree.

I mean, these are characters made for a fighting game engine. Might wanna study a fighting game so that you can have some idea what you're doing.

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(Old list)


I dislike my old list, a lot actually. Must have made it when I was pretty mad...

Here's my new one:

1. Brutal A.I. that reads your moves, always goes for a counter against them, you could literally take a nap by the time they're done with the combos. I rather prefer characters still with Default A.I. but every now and then I like a hard fight.

2. Overly cinematic moves/hypers. This really bugs me when I want to have fast fight. One of the main reasons I don't like things like most characters in Nijikaku and stuff.

3. Anti-Cheap stuff. I guess I can lump cheap palettes with this.

4. Really disgusting sexual/graphic/fetish stuff. Over time, I started to be affected less by this stuff, I even had Gurospoo in some of my first rosters and wasn't that scared of him. Now it just has to be some really gross fetish, like vore and whatever fetish Tendril is and stuff.

5. I personally can't stand most types of source accuracy. Especially ones that implement a stun feature, like in SF2, or require a seperate block button, like Mortal Kombat or SSB.

That's it as far as I remember, now my list is finally up-to-date.

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require a seperate block button, like Mortal Kombat or SF2.

SF2 never had a seperate block button IIRC.

Also, I hate characters that barely have a moveset (no specials or hypers, or a low amount of both).

Characters that also have inaccurate moves bug me. I'm ok with custom Hypers and Specials and the like, but they must be implemented well. If they botch a move the character is famous for, YUCK (looking at you, chuch).

That, and I tend to stay away from characters whose author has gotten banned on any popular forum (MM and IMT I can make an exception for, due to what I've heard) around the time the character was made.

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Regarding KOF characters: when a character uses improper sound effects from a previous or newer game (For example, a KOF XI character using sound effects from 2002 or 98), at least unless the character is considered custom by the creator. This tempts me to make my own characters.

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