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Uncle Plas' BGM Loops


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try something like:

bgmloopstart = 0, bgmloopend =44100

or 44100-88200

compare the 1 sec beat with your pc timer or something, just tried it for 2 min with several themes and didn't desynchronize.

so basically:

bgmloopstart = 2868079/44100= 65.035 sec
bgmloopend = 5577347/44100= 126.47 sec

I never bothered with this, since people just change the music anyway.

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Audacity can display samples as a unit of time, so you basically highlight the section of the music you want to loop and enter the two sample values as the values for bgmloopstart and bgmloopend. That's how I do it, anyway.

Cameela's request:
Yer music

bgmloopstart = 565655
bgmloopend = 1130375

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@GarchompMatt :hi:Thank you again matee :bath:........Question: You said the maximum request is 2 per person right?! so that means if I or other person's request are reach the limit of request for BGM looped we can't request again due to you rules and also did the music using the BGM looped you create are never ending!?I just make sure matee.....

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