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  1. Bug is gone? LET US TEST THAT!


    1. White Ranger

      White Ranger

      Welcome back Doomguy, killed any powerful demons lately? Ha ha ha

    2. Doomguy


      I'll be doing that shortly.

    3. Gaulbetti
  3. Yippee Ki Yay, motherfucker. 

    1. RMaster007


      Yup there billy boy I blew his goddamn head off

  4. FINALLY, AN OPPONENT WORTHY ENOUGH TO GO TOE-TO-TOE WITH MY ROSTER! Wait a second... this is just a cellphone.
  5. You did a good job, but I prefer the 2D animation... the Capcom logo looks a little weird going quasi-3D like that. (Or the PSX-era 3D animation, THAT was pretty cool)
  6. Step 1. Remove Isometric stages and replace with entirely 2D stages like the rest in this pack Step 2. Cut those stages up! Step 3. Parallax!
  7. C'mon people, what did you expect?

  8. Bonus Points for excellent music, but minus some for using it on the wrong stage. What OST is that from, anyways? And what lifebar is that?
  9. RMH, the next time the opportunity presents itself, do NOT update the site when there is no need to.

    1. Ryon


      it was not a update. it was a infected file from the Gallery that I shut away over 2 years ago.

    2. Doomguy


      Well then... that sounds nasty.

    3. RobotMonkeyHead


      I will continue updating the forum software as each update is released by the IPS developers.  This not only ensures optimal up to date security, but it allows all members to benefit from additional features.

      I will also continue refining and monitoring both our plugin layout, and our editor layout to provide the best user experience that we possibly can.

      The current issue was a result of an old Gallery feature which has since been deleted.  The last time we were down was the result of our hosting service keeping us on a crowded server, and we've since been moved onto a cloud.

      We resolved both of these issues as quickly and effectively as we possibly could.  I apologize for the downtime, but I will not stop keeping the site up to date or trying to make improvements where I can.

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